Skype for Business and Microsoft Teamsrecording solutions

Integrate Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams with compliance recording programmes, spanning both on-premise and hosted solutions.

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Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams recording solutions

Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams are increasingly being adopted as internal and external communications tools by enterprise customers. They have many useful capabilities that users find appealing and enable P2P as well as group communication.

As such, they also have to be included in compliance recording programmes, including those that demand call recording. Compliance Officers and CIOs need to be sure that these increasingly important business communications tools are fully covered by their call recording solution.

  • All types of calls

    Touch Recorder is the answer. It offers full support for all types of calls, including:

    • Skype to Skype
    • Teams to Teams
    • Conference calls and meetings
    • Calls to public phones
  • All clients

    Integration with Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams means that all calls from Skype and Teams clients are captured. These include:

    • Skype and Teams PC clients
    • Skype and Teams mobile clients
    • Skype and Teams MAC clients
  • More information

    Fully optimised for both on-premise and hosted Skype for Business installations, as well as Microsoft Teams, Touch Recorder extends call recording to ensure full compliance can be achieved. If you are concerned about how to bring your Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams footprint into the scope of your compliance programme, simply get in touch to find out how we can help.

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