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Our mobile call recording service

Mobile connectivity is an essential part of all businesses. Integrating mobile devices with a corporate recording solution has become increasingly important. Business users need a professional mobile call recording service that can meet all compliance needs.

A professional call recording solution, however, has many requirements. It must work seamlessly, without any user intervention. It must capture all calls – incoming and outgoing – and regardless of the device model, and it also needs to extend to messaging to ensure that all mobile channels are covered.

  • Network-based mobile call recording

    The only way to consistently and reliably record mobile calls – and messages – is by locating the recording function in the mobile network. This demands connectivity to the mobile operator’s network.

    With Touch Call Recording Service, any mobile device can be covered. Our solution is connected to a range of mobile operators, ensuring coverage. When calls are made or received by a designated device, recording is automatically triggered. Users don’t need to take action – it just works.

  • Protected and secure

    Mobile call recording from Touch offers secure, encrypted storage, so all recordings can be saved – for as long as you need. Because they are encrypted, they are only accessible to authorised users, with the right credentials. Touch protects your data.

    Your organisation has admin control, allowing you to set policies, control access and review activity information to ensure compliance to legislation such as GDPR, MiFID II and Dodd-Frank.

  • Add mobile call recording to support agile operations

    Sometimes organisations need the agility to enable new ways of working. With Touch Call Recording Service your organisation can quickly and seamlessly integrate mobile devices into a recording programme. New users can easily be added, giving flexibility to adapt.

    Touch is a complete network-based solution for your mobile and remote workforce. So, whatever the reason for your recording programme, mobile can easily be integrated, providing a seamless solution that protects your business and which supports your growth.

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