Training and QA services for continuous improvements

Benefit from a valuable additional service, Touch QMS, for structured staff training and evaluation.

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QMS performance management

Delivering excellent customer service depends on continuous quality assurance, learning and training. Organisations need to deliver consistent quality management. This includes planning how they will achieve this, as well as securing the means to assure, control and improve it.

The right tools are essential to this process. The ability to review interaction with existing and prospective customers is vital. That’s why, in addition to comprehensive call recording capabilities, Touch also offers a valuable additional package, Quality Management Service, or QMS.

QMS is an automated solution that helps organisations evaluate customer calls, ensure compliancy with relevant legislation and assess employee performance in an efficient and structured manner. It’s a key tool in any quality system.

  • Call analytics for performance enhancement

    QMS offers a complete solution for Compliance Officers and Contact Centre employees to perform quality management and evaluation sessions, based on findings from the analysis of calls. It enables organisations to evaluate performance and helps boost the training and coaching of employees.

    The service offers both traditional, team leader evaluation capabilities, as well as modern self-training features, through which agents reviews their calls in active self-learning sessions. QMS automatically selects calls according to a pre-defined schedule and creates a playlist for team leader or agents for evaluation.

  • Simple evaluation

    An easy-to-use evaluation form is provided, together with a call playback window. The reviewer can easily assess the selected calls and provide relevant, actionable feedback. The results are structured into categories. These are made available for analysis by the management, as well as at other levels in the organisation.

  • Flexibility for training and performance management

    The QMS service is completely flexible and can be adapted to the specific training programme of different companies. It’s a key tool for analysing calls, helping train agents, reviewing performance and ensuring continuous learning, so that organisations can constantly improve the services they deliver.

  • Compliance with legislation

    In addition, since the QMS is fully integrated with Touch Call Recording, all data protection requirements are of cause taken care of by the system, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation, such as GDPR. Integrating Touch makes a positive contribution to organisational development and efficiency, as well as ensuring you meet compliance goals. QMS is available as an easy-to-adopt extension to the Touch Call Recording Service.

    If you want to know more about how your call recording solution can become an essential part of your quality management programmes and boost service performance, just get in touch to find out how we can help.

  • More information

    If you want to know more about how your call recording solution can become an essential part of your training programmes and boost service performance, just get in touch to find out how we can help.

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