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Effective and reliable recording to meet compliance obligations

The introduction of regulations such a MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, GDPR, PDPA and others, has forced many companies to adopt call recording as a standard procedure, as well as new safeguarding policies to protect customer data.

Employees use a variety of channels for customer communication, which means they all need to be covered. Fixed lines, mobile phones, Microsoft Teams, proprietary PBX solutions, and chat platforms, such as Refinitiv Messenger and Bloomberg Chat, are widespread and popular. Companies must extend compliance programmes to all channels used by their employees and customers.

  • A comprehensive call recording solution

    Touch Call Recording Service offers a comprehensive solution. It enables complete compliance with more than 40 digital channels – covering fixed, mobile, Teams and much more, through a secure, reliable managed service. It allows you to ensure that all channels are covered by the compliance legislation to which you must adhere.

    In addition to voice call recording, it also offers support for non-voice digital channels, like SMS and chat, providing a completely flexible solution that covers all customer communications.

  • No additional equipment, compatible with exisiting systems

    With Touch Call Recording Service, there’s no need for business users to deploy any infrastructure or additional equipment. It saves companies time and money, while achieving all compliance goals and offers full compatibility with existing systems.

    All recordings are available via the easy to use Touch Web-Portal, which offers flexible user access and also ensures compliance with relevant regulations, while providing a rich audit trail.

  • Fully compliant and assured

    The service is fully protected and assured, and offers a complete self-service portal. Touch Call Recording Service allows businesses to include all voice calls and digital channels within their compliance programme and to ensure they provide a comprehensive experience for their employees and customers.

    Learn more about how Touch can help ensure compliance with call recording requirements and legislation for your business.

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