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Touch offers a wide range of PBX call recorders for cloud-based and on-premises PBX solutions, compatible with all relevant interfaces.

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  • Cisco
  • icenet
  • Mitel
  • Unify
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Touch PBX Recorder

Touch offers a wide range of PBX call recorders for cloud-based and on-premises PBX solutions. The Touch PBX recorder is compatible with all relevant interfaces, covering legacy ISDN, as well as VoIP and SIP.

PBX integrations

Touch PBX Recorder offers proven integration with and ensures rich compatibility with the complete enterprise voice solution enabled by . In addition, the Touch PBX recorder can also integrate with the API from , when required. To review other PBX integration options, please refer to our full list of supported PBX systems.

It captures voice streams and metadata, which are then combined into files for storage. They are securely transferred to the Touch Storage Centre and can be managed through the Touch Web-Portal. Depending on the system, on-demand and continuous recording modes can be supported, as well as exclusions based on white-listed numbers.

The Touch team takes care of all necessary integration and deployment requirements. The Touch PBX Recorder is a comprehensive solution that meets all compliance needs, as well as supporting organisational procedures.

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