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Complete Call Recording Services for your Industry

Touch provides a complete, multi-channel call recording solution as a service. Whether you need to record calls and data communications for training, compliance, analytics, audit or quality assurance purposes, Touch offers an easy-to-use, globally proven service to meet all your requirements.

The Touch service benefits a range of industries, including banks and financial institutions, customer care centres, security companies, outbound call centres, emergency services, telecoms operators, and many others.

Touch Call Recording Service provides the breadth and capabilities you need. As well as enabling the recording of over 35 different communications channels, Touch Call Recording Service also provides secure, encrypted storage and easy access to all calls and other electronic data through an intuitive portal to help quickly provide documentation, KPI analytics, and proof of compliance, as well as improved employee development and enhanced customer dialogue.

Touch ensures compliance with:

  • GDPR (Personal Data Protection Regulation)
  • MiFID
  • MiFID II statutory requirements
  • Local and international legal requirements
  • Industry regulations

A wide range of complementary features and capabilities are available to ensure your recording solution meets all of your challenges and can be optimised for your unique needs.

  • Contact Centre recording solutions

    Touch Call Recording Service for Contact Centres is uniquely optimised to provide a comprehensive solution to the challenges of recording voice and digital media in the contact centre.

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  • MiFID II Compliant Mobile Call Recording Service

    The introduction of the MiFID II regulations has forced many companies to adopt call recording as a standard procedure. However, for most, this simply means that voice calls on fixed networks are covered, leaving mobile telephony behind.

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  • Touch PBX Recorder

    Touch offers a wide range of PBX call recorders for cloud-based and on-premises PBX solutions, compatible with all relevant interfaces.

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  • Quality management and training solutions

    Benefit from a valuable additional service, Touch QMS, for structured staff training, performance evaluation and quality management.

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  • Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams recording solutions

    Integrate Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams with compliance recording programmes, spanning both on-premise and hosted solutions.

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  • SMS and MMS recording solutions

    Extend recording to SMS and MMS messages, to cover more customer interaction channels, securely and efficiently.

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  • Chat recording solutions for Bloomberg and Eikon Messenger services

    Touch provides a complete solution for the capture and storage of chat conversation from popular business communications platforms.

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