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  • Secure call recording. Made easy

    Touch is a trusted provider of services for recording, storing and accessing fixed and mobile voice calls, and digital communications. Our service ensures that you will meet all relevant legal and compliance requirements for your industry, providing the reassurance you need.

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    Mobile call recording. Made easy

    Touch is a trusted provider of services for recording, storing and accessing mobile and fixed voice calls, and digital communications. Record mobile calls for quality management, script adherence and to enhance customer experience, while meeting all relevant legal and compliance requirements for your industry.

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    Touch Call Recording for Teams

    Call Recording for Microsoft Teams is an extension to Touch Call Recording Service. It brings Teams collaboration into your compliance programmes, for legislation such as GDPR, MiFID II and Dodd-Frank. Recording takes place automatically and for all devices associated with the Teams user. Touch takes care of all integration and operational challenges, providing a complete solution that is easy to adopt for your organisation.

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    Touch QMS: How can call recording services boost customer excellence?

    Multichannel customer service is growing rapidly and the way in which customers experience calls is still on the frontline of a brand’s perceived image. One of the biggest challenges for the evaluation of customer calls is providing quality management beyond random sampling of agent performance. Learn how Touch Quality Management Service can enable organisations to measure, evaluate and train employees while focusing on providing exceptional customer service.

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    Touch QMS: Using your call recording services to build employee training programmes

    Different employees and teams need tailored targets and training programmes to ensure that their full potential is met. Creating a personalised training plan template that can be used by employees in their own time allows supervisors and management to ensure that corporate goals are achieved. Learn how Touch Quality Management Service enables this without affecting front-line performance.

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    Touch QMS: Creating customised training schedules for customer and sales representatives

    Data and insights are essential to customer-focused organisations, especially when evaluating employee performance. Optimising training templates allows supervisors and management to ensure that individuals and teams are performing to the required level and meeting targets and goals. Learn how Touch Quality Management Service provides the deep insights organisations need to understand and improve customer interactions.

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    Touch QMS: Securing performance insights from your contact centre

    To gain rich insight into customer service performance organisations need effective scoring and benchmarking of individuals and teams against customised parameters. This requires rich data sets that give actionable insight for quality management programmes. Touch Quality Management Service presents intuitive charts that allow managers to improve employee performance over time - easily tracking progress and objectives.

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  • An introduction to call recording

    Recent years have seen significant growth in the adoption of call recording solutions. As organisations seek to comply with regulatory mandates, enhance staff training and to create a richer set of call records, the requirement for matching business goals with technology has become even more important. In this white paper we explore the key factors to consider when planning your call recording strategy.

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    The Mobile Path to MiFID II compliance

    The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II, known as MiFID II, and the accompanying Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR) took effect, with a zero- tolerance policy, on January 3, 2018. MiFID II has expanded on previous rules, under MiFID, which is the framework of EU legislation for investment intermediaries that provide services to clients around ‘financial instruments’, and the organised trading of financial instruments.

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  • Real-time call recording and post-incident review for the emergency services

    How a leading emergency services provider addressed the problem of recording communication and ensured efficient, post-incident access for investigation.

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    Call recording in the insurance business

    How one leading insurance provider harnessed call recording to boost customer service and organisational learning in the insurance industry, while remaining flexible to evolve and adapt to future business needs.

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    Multi-channel recording to solve Storebrand’s challenges

    A customer-focused approach to call recording compliance for Storebrand, a leading provider of financial services in the Nordic region.

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    Efficient service migration - Lessons from a major Nordic bank

    As one leading Nordic bank discovered, its legacy platform was no longer fit for purpose and could not adapt to new requirements. As a result, it selected a new, more flexible call recording shuttsolution that could evolve to support its business for many years to come.

  • Smooth the path to MiFID II compliance and protect your business

    Since the introduction of the MiFID II reglulations financial services, organisations have poured resources into the recording and storage of customer calls and electronic messages. Although fines have been minimal, it is as important as ever for financial organisations and investment intermediaries to maintain regulatory alignment with MiFID II. The challenges of compliance remain and there is still much more to it than recording conversations.

    How to ensure your call recording system is GDPR compliant

    One of the most complex areas of the GDPR rules concern call recording and storage, which is classified as a form of data processing. As a result many businesses are still facing a big challenge to be compliant. Watch our webinar to learn the key stages to getting your call recording strategy ready for GDPR.

  • How Touch Call Recording as a Service supports your recording requirements

    Touch enables your business to meet compliance obligations, capture essential insight and to improve customer service.

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