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Call Recording for Contact Centres

Touch Call Recording Service for contact centres and customer care is ideal for self-training of front-line agents and employees. Our user friendly and intuitive interface allows employees to replay their own customer calls and evaluate their performance against team evaluation templates and scripts for self-training.

  • More efficient training

    This enables efficient self-evaluation and training, saving time by enabling individual agents to work independently, which can boost motivation and increase job satisfaction, while reducing the need for group sessions.

  • More effective supervision

    Meanwhile, team leaders can supervise their agents more effectively and provide more advice on how to improve customer experience. They can retrieve recorded calls at their leisure, allowing leaders to focus on active supervision and quality assurance, which reduces the need to monitor live customer calls, and increases efficiency.

  • Coach - training service

    Touch also offers an additional service called Coach. Coach provides an automatic, structured way to train personnel to improve their customer interaction skills over the phone. The service includes traditional as well as modern self-training features.

Speech to text conversion

Speech to text can be enabled to convert calls into text. The converted text can be used for purposes such as speech analytics and big data, which is attracting growing interest as a way to address a number of problems, as well as for the strategic insights it can offer.

GDPR compliant

Touch Call Recording Service for contact centres and customer care is also compliant with personal data acts, such as the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and more, as well as legal, industry and statutory requirements, meaning that we take care of everything for you, so you can focus on your business.
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    “Danske Bank uses Touch Call Recording to ensure compliance recording for all our mobile users. We have been a customer since spring 2012 and are very pleased with the service & support, and that the solution meets our strict safety requirements. We recommend Touch as a provider of call recording.”

    Geir Øien, Business Management IT

The Touch Approach

cloud based

Recording as a Service

Delivered from the cloud, a simple path to meet compliance and regulatory goals



Encrypted, secure data storage. Helping you to meet you compliance requirements



Comprehensive, powerful and capable, helping you to meet business challenges

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