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Call Recording for Outbound Contact Centres

Touch Call Recording Service enables outbound contact centres, telemarketing and sales teams to improve agent training, streamline performance management, and ensure adherence to best practices, scripts and KPIs.

Unlike many integrated call recording services for outbound contact centres, Touch Call Recording Service complies with all existing legal, statutory and industry compliance requirements.

  • Call recording for outbound contact centres teams

    Manage contact centre sales teams effectively

    Touch Call Recording Service for outbound contact centres enables separation between individual agents, teams and departments, with each user able to access their own information. Likewise, team leaders gain access to data from their own teams, while departments can oversee multiple teams.

  • Boost contact centre performance with call recording

    Boost contact centre sales agent performance

    Our call recording for outbound contact centres solution creates documentation and audit trails for individual calls, which can be accessed via advanced search and retrieval capabilities. Touch also enables the logging and secure storage of all calls, which would normally require integration with an enterprise solution to achieve the same levels of control. Touch boosts agent and business performance, while ensuring legal, industry and statutory compliance.

  • Secure and compliant call recording for contact centres

    Compliant and secure call recording for outbound contact centres

    In addition, compliance to legal requirements for end-customer access to recordings of conversations in which they have participated is facilitated through an easy-to-use service.

The Touch Approach

cloud based

Recording as a Service

Delivered from the cloud, a simple path to meet compliance and regulatory goals



Encrypted, secure data storage. Helping you to meet you compliance requirements



Comprehensive, powerful and capable, helping you to meet business challenges

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