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Ensure compliance by working with a specialist partner

Regulatory compliance is a complex challenge that applies to any organisation that collects, processes, or stores personal or financial data. For many it’s beyond their in-house capabilities, so it’s important to ensure that you work with an expert partner that can offer knowledge and expertise in meeting all forms of compliance, regulatory, and legislative obligations.

Ensuring compliance call recording with Microsoft Teams

MS Teams is an integral component of many organisations’ daily operations meaning that it must adhere to compliance obligations – this is particularly important when it comes to call recording policies. Leaving it to users to turn on call recording does not meet compliance requirements. What’s needed is a fully integrated call recording solution for MS Teams.

What are the top eight things you need to know to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements for call recording services

What are the top eight things you need to know to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements? Call recording and GDPR are closely linked, and the regulations require that organisations can provide data security and privacy, as well as the ability to meet data access and right to be forgotten requests.

Always-on versus on-demand call recording: Which should I use?

Choose between on-demand and always-on call recording for a truly flexible solution that grows with your business.

There are a multitude of reasons for recording calls and digital communications, including compliance obligations, dispute resolution, audit purposes, and agent training and improvement, to name a few. Likewise, there are different ways to record calls, such as always-on, on demand delete, or on demand keep, and each is more suited to certain roles and tasks.

Touch Call Recording has acquired 100% of GuardREC Compliance

We are delighted to announce that GuardREC Compliance and Touch Technology are joining forces, solidifying our position as market leader for compliance recording services in the Nordics and Singapore. 

Ensuring compliance and customer interaction recording for WhatsApp

Your customers are increasingly turning to WhatsApp to communicate with your employees - independently of the communications solution strategy of your company. So, it’s essential that WhatsApp is fully aligned with your compliance recording programme. How can you handle an increasing number of customers using WhatsApp – and stay compliant? 

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