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Enhancing customer satisfaction– how call recording can really help

When calls are recorded for quality and training purposes, what actually happens? Do you have the tools and resources you need to process them and to capture the insights you seek? Touch QMS provides a simple upgrade to your existing Call Recording as a Service solution, enabling you to drive performance enhancements, please more customers and boost advisor satisfaction.

An integrated approach to compliance recording from a national and international perspective

Many organisations have built an array of different compliance and call recording solutions over the years, which often use different processes, formats, and protocols. The data silos this has created are detrimental to your organisation’s compliance capabilities. Ultimately, they can prevent you from assuring that you meet compliance obligations. What’s required is a holistic, integrated approach to call recording and compliance.

Is Microsoft Teams integrated with your compliance programme?

MS Teams is one of Microsoft's most successful apps so far, with over a quarter of a billion users globally. As it becomes a part of working life, organisations must ensure that it is fully incorporated into their call recording compliance strategy, as part of a multichannel approach. Find out how Touch can help.

Nice Mirra customer turns to Touch to help regain control over its legacy call recordings – during the obligatory retention period to ensure ongoing compliance

Find out how Touch is helping customers to recover and convert call recordings from an outdated Nice Mirra system and migrate them to our open and user-friendly call recording as a service platform.

Touch QMS meets Gartner’s “Voice of the Customer” recommendations

Call recordings are a treasure trove of customer information and strategic insight. Touch Quality Management Service (QMS) can help your organisation unlock the hidden value in your call recordings and provide a holistic view of customer behaviour.

Call recording for telecoms operators – a secure, managed service

Call recording is valuable service that is required in many industries. With business users increasingly using mobile, why not add a market-leading managed call recording service to your B2B portfolio? Touch Call Recording Service is a network-based solution that allows operators to offer advanced managed call recording services to their business customers, easily and flexibly.

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Touch Call Recording was recently awarded 'eco-lighthouse' certification, Norway's most widely used certification scheme for enterprises seeking to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility.
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