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Proactive service assurance

How does Touch provide real-time, proactive service assurance for you?

Providing continuous service assurance for call recording as a service is essential. At Touch, we maintain and assure the complete value-chain for the Touch Call Recording Service with active, real-time continuous performance monitoring. How do we deliver continuous assurance?

Security assessment and penetration testing

With cyber-attacks on the rise, it’s essential for service providers to take all possible steps to protect their offers. At Touch, we work constantly to ensure that all data has been secured and that we follow all relevant regulations. How do we protect your data?

Fixed line call recording

Fixed line call recording

Fixed line call recording remains an important topic for a range of regulatory and quality assurance purposes. That’s because, although many business users have adopted mobiles as their primary device, most businesses of any size still maintain a fixed line infrastructure. They may use on-premises solutions, such as legacy PBXs, or they may have adopted a hosted IP solution in the cloud. They may also be using call centre or call distribution functionality, which can also be deployed locally or in the cloud.

Call recording for Android

What you need to know about call recording for Android

Many people are interested in call recording for their Android devices. A quick check on a suitable search engine will reveal a plethora of choices from a wide range of sources to meet this need. You can even find all sorts of demonstration videos on YouTube, illustrating such solutions and how to use them.

Call recording for iPhone

What you need to know about call recording for iPhone

It can be hard to keep up with the ever-evolving world of regulatory compliance, particularly in the financial services industry. The recently introduced MiFID II which built on existing rules and added new requirements, including the recording and storage of all calls that are intended to result in a financial transaction. 

Call recording as a service

Call Centre as a Service is growing - why not start using Call Recording as a Service too?

Gartner reports that Contact Center as a Service is maturing fast, which means more companies will move their customer interaction to the cloud. When reviewing options, why not also consider Call Recording as a Service?

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