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Ensuring compliance and customer interaction recording for WhatsApp

Your customers are increasingly turning to WhatsApp to communicate with your employees - independently of the communications solution strategy of your company. So, it’s essential that WhatsApp is fully aligned with your compliance recording programme. How can you handle an increasing number of customers using WhatsApp – and stay compliant? 

Keeping up to date with amendments to MAR regulations

Amendments to Market Abuse Regulations will change the compliance landscape for financial services again. Touch ensures that organisations remain up to date with changes to all compliance obligations and regulations.

Touch achieves important environmental management certification status with Eco-Lighthouse

Widely recognised as a reputable and credible environmental certification, the Eco-Lighthouse scheme is one of the most widely used environmental certification schemes in the country—and is seen by Brussels as equivalent to international schemes, too.

Hold Your Own Key and alternative encryption methods for customers holding sensitive data

Some organisations need to retain full control over their encryption keys when they store sensitive data and communications in order to meet their own internal security requirements.

How MNOs can offer an essential value-added service to their business customers - compliance call recording

Mobile network operators can easily add call recording as a value-added service for their enterprise customers, allowing them to target compliance, quality assurance and more. Touch has helped many MNOs to enable a comprehensive, in-network, hosted call recording service to capture new revenue streams.

ChatGPT and latest GPT-4 advances Speech Analytics with AI

The latest version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, GPT-4, advances Speech Analytics with AI in a way that could revolutionise customer communication. The partnership between Touch and Microsoft ensures GPT capabilities are backed by legal compliance.

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Touch Call Recording was recently awarded 'eco-lighthouse' certification, Norway's most widely used certification scheme for enterprises seeking to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility.
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