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Touch Quality Management Service (QMS) – Optimising Agent Scorecards for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Touch Quality Management Service (QMS) – Optimising Agent Scorecards for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Optimised customer engagement is imperative for all organisations, and it requires on-going training and development for contact centre agents. Well-designed, customised scorecards are an essential aspect and can lead to enhanced customer experience. Touch QMS has the solution.

Providing an exceptional, engaging, and helpful customer experience has never mattered more. For example, 95% of consumers say customer service impacts their brand loyalty – easy access, self-service, and professional agents are cited as the important factors in gaining customer loyalty[1].

A good customer experience enhances brand loyalty

On the flip side, a poor customer experience will significantly damage the customer-brand relationship – over half (56%) of UK and US consumers would sever ties with a company or abandon a purchase after just one bad customer service experience[2].

While multi-channel self-service is the main requirement of many consumers, others prefer to speak to an agent, or advisor, which makes their role key to enhancing customer experience. For example, 60% of consumers would stop doing business with a brand if the service wasn’t friendly, while 46% would abandon a brand if advisors are not knowledgeable about the product or service[3].

On-going and structured training and development for customer advisors is therefore imperative, and can make a difference to the bottom line, as highlighted by some of the statistics outlined. Quality management is one of the biggest challenges facing call and contact centres, as well as outbound sales centres.

Touch Quality Management Service for structured agent development

That’s why Touch Call Recording’s Quality Management Service (QMS) has been designed to provide individuals and teams with a structured training schedule to ensure that advisors are performing to the required level and meeting strategic targets and goals.

QMS is an automated solution for evaluating customer calls, ensuring compliancy with relevant legislation, and assessing employee performance in a structured manner.

The service offers both traditional, team leader evaluation capabilities and modern self-training features, with self-learning and review sessions.

One of the most influential aspects of Touch QMS is the role that agent scorecards play. Scorecards represent a strategic tool for measuring, analysing, and enhancing every customer interaction, ensuring that agents exceed customer expectations. 

At Touch Call Recording, we understand the transformative impact that well-crafted agent QMS scorecards can have on your contact centre’s operational efficiency and customer satisfaction rates. These QMS scorecards are more than just evaluation tools; they are roadmaps to excellence, guiding agents through the complex landscape of customer service with clear metrics, goals, and feedback mechanisms. 

From establishing key performance indicators that resonate with your organisational goals to incorporating feedback from agents on the front line a dynamic, effective scorecard process can drive continuous improvement and foster an environment of exceptional customer engagement. 

Whether you're looking to refine your existing scorecards or build a new system from the ground up, scorecards can optimise a contact centre’s performance, one interaction at a time. 

Well-designed, customised scorecards are an essential component of agent training and development

Agent scorecards can be used to pragmatically evaluate customer interactions within contact centres, while aligning agent performance with customer expectations and contact centre objectives. The advanced Touch QMS scorecard provides aggregated scores for individuals and teams. These are then presented in intuitive charts that provide deep insights. In turn, these can be used for training and reporting purposes.

In this way, scorecards can signal customer satisfaction levels, measure adherence to call scripts, and identify areas for agent performance improvement. Again, leading to enhanced customer service quality. 

Figure 1 below shows an example of a Touch QMS score chart.

qms score chart

As indicated, it displays the performance of a team or customer service representative over time, enabling tracking of progress over time, and whether strategic goals have been met. Scores are shown as a percentage and can be sorted to display specific elements or categories within each call. Put simply, the chart provides an ‘at-a-glance’ assessment of performance, leading to the identification of strong and weak areas that can then be addressed, or rewarded.

Scorecards can also be customised to individuals, teams, or specific strategic goals, depending on requirements. By defining clear, measurable KPIs that balance quantitative and qualitative metrics, such as customer satisfaction and first-call resolution rates, scorecards are imperative for reflecting not just individual or team performance levels, but also a contact centre’s goals, as well as customer expectations. 

A holistic approach to customer engagement

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, so it’s essential not to over-rely on quantitative metrics, such as average handle time (AHT) – a balanced metrics approach will likely lead to better results. For example, a balanced mix of quantitative and qualitative metrics should consider qualitative metrics and more qualitative ones, such as quality of interaction, customer happiness, and overall call efficiency.

When developing scorecards, it’s also important to weight questions according to the contact centre’s priorities, ensuring that agents focus on aspects most crucial to customer satisfaction and operational success. 

Another important aspect of developing customised scorecards is ensuring that contact centre agents are involved in the development process – after all, agents are on the front line and can provide valuable insights that can ensure scorecards are practical and relevant. It’s also essential to regularly review and update scorecards to adapt to evolving business needs, industry trends, new campaigns, new clients, and to gain feedback from agents and managers. That way, scorecards remain continuously relevant and effective. 

For example, Figure 2 shows how the Touch QMS dashboard can identify changes in agent performance over time.

behaviour overview

Other considerations include ensuring industry-specific customisation of scorecards. If agents are handling calls for multiple clients, scorecard metrics may need to be tailored. When developing scorecards consider the specific needs of different industries, such as healthcare or financial services. Considerations here will also need to take account of regulatory compliance, customer interaction nuances, and industry-specific challenges. 

A holistic approach will also bring additional benefits. For example, encourage the consideration of insights from sales, marketing, and other departments in scorecard criteria to ensure a holistic approach to customer engagement and organisational alignment. 

Well-designed, customised scorecards can be an extremely valuable tool for improving agent performance, enhancing customer satisfaction, and ultimately, achieving the over-arching strategic goals of the contact centre. 

Touch Call Recording QMS, and the use of scorecards, can empower agents and supervisors to deliver exceptional customer service. Happier, well-informed agents provide a superior service. Touch Call Recording QMS is here to transform your agents into ‘super-agents’, that can enhance efficiency, boost productivity, and optimise the customer experience. To find out more, contact us today. 




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