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Touch Quality Management Service (QMS) for continuous training and development of contact centre advisors

Touch Quality Management Service (QMS) for continuous training and development of contact centre advisors

Contact and customer centre operatives are increasingly termed ‘advisors’, rather than ‘agents’, to reflect the growing recognition of their competence and that they are the on the frontline of customer interactions, providing expert knowledge and an important ‘human touch’ to complement an increasingly digital journey. Touch QMS offers structured staff training and evaluation to improve the training and development of customer advisors.

The role of the contact centre advisor is changing. The rise of self-service – through advances in AI and automation technologies – means that when a customer does speak to an advisor, it’s often because their query is of a more complex nature than can be solved by technology alone. They may also be seeking the ‘human touch’ to an increasingly digital journey.

We’ve all had the experience of circling around endless automated phone loops, or repeatedly hitting dead-ends when asking bots questions that are not in the vernacular, or capability, of automated response technology – and felt the need to speak to someone who can really help, when we reach the limits of automated systems.

It means that when customers do interact with a live agent, it’s likely that they will have a complex problem or that they are displeased with some aspect of the service, and potentially agitated.

Exceptional, multi-channel customer service

Exceptional, multichannel customer service is now a prerequisite for business success.

So, when customers do speak to live agents, they expect an ‘above-average’ customised experience with empathic, highly knowledgeable staff who can deal with an issue with speed, confidence, professionalism and courtesy.

Advisors are increasingly required to manage complex service tasks that demand stronger product knowledge and problem-solving skills, or require a higher value, more emotive service that can help to build relationships and earn customer loyalty. In turn, customer centre operatives are being rewarded with higher salaries and a more rewarding career path, as leading organisations begin to recognise their true worth.

To reflect this evolving role, the term ‘agent’ is being dropped by thought-leading organisations, and is being replaced by the term ‘advisor’, as customer service operatives become the trusted link between customers and your brand.

This trend has been evident in the Nordic for some time, but is quickly spreading as organisations come to realise that investing time and money in the training of trusted advisors can have a significant positive impact on customer experience.

As a result, customer service organisations are investing more money and time in training and developing agents. Of course, technology still has a pivotal role to play in their training and development.

Delivering excellent customer service depends on continuous quality assurance, learning and training – equipping advisors with the skills and training they need. It means that organisations need to deliver consistent quality management. This includes planning how they will achieve this, as well as securing the means to assure, control and improve it.

Touch QMS for the structured training and development of customer advisors

The right tools are essential to this process. The ability to review interactions with existing and prospective customers is vital. That’s why, in addition to comprehensive managed call recording capabilities, Touch also offers a valuable additional package, Quality Management Service, or QMS.

QMS is an automated solution that helps organisations evaluate customer calls, ensure compliancy with relevant legislation and assess employee performance in an efficient and structured manner. It’s a key tool in any quality system, offering a complete solution for Compliance Officers and Contact Centre employees to perform quality management and evaluation sessions, based on findings from the analysis of calls.

The service offers both traditional, team leader evaluation capabilities, as well as modern self-training features, through which advisors can review their calls in active self-learning sessions. QMS automatically selects calls according to a pre-defined schedule and creates a playlist for team leader or agents for evaluation.

Touch QMS provides a number of benefits:

  • Call evaluation – an easy-to-use evaluation form with a call playback window lets the reviewer assess selected calls and provide relevant, actionable feedback. The results then made available for analysis.
  • Flexibility for training and performance management – as a completely flexible service it can be tailored to your specific training programme.
  • Compliance with legislation – QMS is fully integrated with Touch Call Recording Service with all data protection requirements managed by the system to ensure compliance with relevant legislation. QMS is available as an easy-to-adopt extension to the Touch Call Recording Service.

QMS can be an essential part of your quality management programme to help boost service performance and customer experience – and support advisor training. It enables companies to invest in training efficiently and help develop advisor skills. Customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and expect expert and trusted advice when they interact with customer and call centres. To find out how you can keep up, contact Touch today.

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