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Touch QMS meets Gartner’s “Voice of the Customer” recommendations

Touch QMS meets Gartner’s “Voice of the Customer” recommendations

Call recordings are a treasure trove of customer information and strategic insight. Touch Quality Management Service (QMS) can help your organisation unlock the hidden value in your call recordings and provide a holistic view of customer behaviour.

Understanding customer behaviour will require a holistic approach to recording, storing, and analysing customer interactions. But too much customer insight remains locked away in company call recording databases. Touch Quality Management Service (QMS) is a key tool in ensuring that the hidden value in call recordings can be unlocked to help enhance customer experience and provide actionable strategic actions.

The recording of fixed and mobile voice calls, and other digital communications channels, is for many industries a continual requirement for meeting data protection and regulatory obligations. But, the recording of conversations, particularly those involving customers, offers much broader strategic and operational benefits.

A holistic view of customer behaviour

Too many organisations don’t realise the value of the information locked away in their call recordings. Call recordings are a treasure trove of customer information and strategic insight and can be used to assess and improve the performance of specific marketing campaigns, to enhance customer experience, to better understand customer behaviour, and even to identify potential gaps in the market.

According to global research firm Gartner, having a holistic view of customer behaviour will be key to business success and competitive advantage over the coming years. So, being able to assess and analyse multiple channels of voice and digital communications in a unified way will be essential. Gartner calls this the “Voice of the Customer” (VoC).

Call recording and the “Voice of the Customer”

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 60% of organisations with VoC programs in place will supplement traditional surveys by analysing voice and text interactions with customers[1]. It notes that, already too much customer insight is locked away in company databases. And the key to success in the future will be the ability to unlock and use that customer insight across text and voice calls, fixed and mobile, to supplement traditional customer surveys, which it says are perceived as providing limited value compared to other forms of customer information gathering.

The ability to analyse customer context, emotion and experiences from messages and calls with the company can provide insight and actionable knowledge. Gartner outlines three recommendations:

  1. Utilise existing foundations: Implement speech and text analytics to utilise the capabilities of recording tools.
  2. Prioritise active channels: Prioritise the different customer touchpoints based on the completeness of the narratives and the ability to confirm authentic customers and their value.
  3. Explore distribution options: Develop strategies for how to distribute this valuable information to employees and internal stakeholders so that it is relevant, intuitive, actionable, applicable, and embedded into their daily jobs.

Clearly, excellent customer service needs continuous quality assurance and training, so the right tools are essential. In addition to comprehensive call recording capabilities, Touch also offers a valuable additional package - Quality Management Service (QMS).

QMS is an automated solution that provides call recording and analytics for customer agent training and performance enhancement, as well as ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation, in an efficient and structured manner, making it a key tool in any customer behaviour analysis system.

Quality management and customer agent training

By enabling organisations to perform quality management and evaluate sessions, based on call analysis, it supports all three of Gartner’s VoC recommendations. QMS gives customer agents and team leaders access to customer interaction recordings.

Using modern self-training processes, QMS automatically selects calls according to a pre-defined schedule and creates a playlist for team leader and/or agents for evaluation. Evaluation forms are provided with a call playback window for easy assessment and actionable feedback, while a centralised dashboard provides a consistent view of customer agent performance and customer experience that can be accessed by team leaders and executives alike at any time. As QMS is a flexible platform for management and training, it can be adapted to meet the specific training programme requirements of any company.

Touch QMS and Call Recording as a Service for customer insight

It means that, as more and more companies adopt recording solutions, it’s essential to choose the right one. Touch QMS is available as an easy-to-adopt extension to the Touch Call Recording Service, which enables the recording of call and digital communications across more than 50 channels.

So, it covers all the channels you currently use, while ensuring – through Touch’s ongoing technology roadmap – that you can meet any future channels and requirements that might emerge. Our solutions are also fully compliant with all relevant legislation, including MiFID, Dodd-Frank, and GDPR.

Touch has decades of experience of helping small and large organisations to record customer conversations across multiple channels, as well as providing training and analytics to enhance customer experience and unlock hidden value in your call recordings.

At the same time, it ensures compliance, flexibility, scalability, and security within a single, comprehensive, unified call recording platform. Contact us today to find out more – and learn how we can help you leverage the voice of your customers.



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