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Touch Call Recording Service is tailored to meet your innovation requirements and fine-tuned to evolve with your business needs

Touch Call Recording Service is tailored to meet your innovation requirements and fine-tuned to evolve with your business needs

Different types of businesses use call recording for a variety of reasons. At Touch, we work with a wide range of organisations, many of which have different business requirements for their call recording solution.

Many might consider meeting compliance obligations to be the main requirement for a call recording solution or service. For many, that’s true – but call recording fulfils many other needs and can add considerable value to any customer-facing business. At Touch, we have been helping our clients to find the right call recording service for their needs for decades – from financial organisations to contact centres to emergency and public sector services. Of course, different verticals demand different things from their call recording service or solution.

While many organisations use call recording solutions to meet their compliance and legislative obligations, the Touch Call Recording Service in fact offers multiple benefits to your business. Furthermore, it can be configured and fine-tuned – now and in the future – to meet your organisation’s individual needs.

Call recording is not just for compliance

For example, our service offers excellent, easy-to-use self-training capabilities – and a dedicated module called Quality Management Service (QMS) – that enables recordings to be used by advisors for self-training and personal development at their own speed. And because team managers have shared access, they can review interactions for each advisor and assess and review the good points and the areas that might need improvement. The advisor can then review the appraisal in their own time.

This ongoing self-development helps advisors to improve their customer service skills and, over time, improve customer dialogue and experience and enhance business reputation across the organisation.

On the other hand, financial services organisations are likely to be focused on meeting financial compliance requirements, such as MiFID II and Dodd-Frank, to provide transparency when it comes to conversations about financial transactions, as well as an audit trail should disputes arise. The multichannel aspect – covering fixed and mobile voice calls, digital interactions via chat or SMS, as well as through enterprise applications, such as MS Teams, Bloomberg, Refinitiv Eikon – is arguably the important aspect to consider.

Emergency and Security services use our call recording service to securely record and store sensitive data from mobile or fixed phones with instant post-call access to recordings, which could help in providing a coordinated response, or be used post-incident to review and assess the response with the aim of improving for future events.

Meanwhile, Telecoms Operators use our service to offer their own customers a complete solution for recording calls in fixed and mobile telephone networks.

Call recording fine-tuned to meet business needs

But the important point here is that Touch prides itself on working in partnership with our customers over the lifetime of the relationship. It means that we can help to fine-tune our call recording service to meet the specific needs of each organisation we work with.

Not only that, but we are also committed to our own ongoing technology roadmap and continuously assess changing requirements in compliance rules and monitor broader business trends to ensure that we remain at the forefront of call recording technology and trends – something we, of course, pass on to our customers.

We also recognise that our customers face multiple business challenges – digital transformation, the need to move legacy applications and data to the cloud, increased competition, the need for market differentiation, and so on.

Call recording for continuous innovation

At Touch, we understand that every industry has specific – and often unique – requirements for fixed and mobile call recording. That’s why we offer a range of services and configurations optimised for different vertical sectors and industries.

We also know that our customers are under pressure to provide continuous innovation to remain competitive and relevant in a crowded market, which is why Touch works in collaboration with our customers, fine-tuning our offers to meet each specific need, now and moving forward.

Put simply, your voice matters to Touch. We have decades of expertise and experience as a regional market leader – we were the first business to launch call-recording-as-a-service to the Nordic region over 10 years ago – so contact us today to tell us your business requirements and how we can help you to meet them.

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