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Touch Call Recording Service - Built with the Nordic digital advantage

Touch Call Recording Service - Built with the Nordic digital advantage

The Nordic region has led the way in digital transformation, resulting in the mass adoption of digital technologies by commercial and public sector organisations, as well as the civil population. This digital approach is central to development in the region – backed by the goal to deliver services and operations, efficiently.

The Nordic region has long been recognised as one of the most digitalised and innovative in the world. You could say that Digital processes are now integrated into our DNA. This has delivered service enhancements for citizens and businesses alike – as well as introducing new levels of efficiency and automation.

In fact, according to Nicolai Tangen, the recently appointed head of Norway’s oil fund (through which it manages the world’s largest sovereign wealth portfolio), this digitalisation is a significant competitive advantage.

Digital efficiency at the heart of call recording as a service, from Touch

It’s certainly at the heart of what we do. We’ve been delivering innovative Call Recording services to Nordic and global businesses for more than a decade. Our solution is built from the ground up for efficiency, drawing on the digital culture and principles that support every sector in the Nordics.

As a result, we’ve delivered unrivalled service performance. However, making a recording of a voice call is one thing, but there’s much more to a digital recording service than that. All of the many digital channels also need to be covered – a multi-channel approach – with efficient integration to all communications systems to ensure the smooth capture of customer conversations and interactions.

Similarly, ensuring that all channels that need to be recorded are covered is just the start of the onboarding process, though. The efficient operation and management of the solution with continuous uptime and reliable service delivery is also critical – and never stops.

Our customers are digital-first and so are we. Our service is fully automated, in line with our customers systems, and provides a rich interface that’s tuned to their needs. They are accustomed to using digital tools and platforms and Touch fits seamlessly into their operational estate.

Digital transformation is a big topic but it’s something we’ve been managing in the Nordic region for a decade and, in recent years, globally. We’re expect systems to work automatically, taking care of key tasks and just working away in the background – helping us to increase accuracy and efficiency at every opportunity.

After all, if we save time in the office, we can spend more time on the slopes. So, if you want to know how you can benefit from the Nordic digital advantage and transform your call and compliance recording solutions, why not have a chat with our team? We’ll meet you on any channel you like!



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The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act 2010 was one of the widest-reaching overhauls of the US financial industry, requiring the recording and storage of a wide-range of financial communications.

Bringing your Teams users onboard – activating compliance call recording for Microsoft Teams

Touch Call Recording as a Service now supports Microsoft Teams, ensuring compliance and extending your assurance programmes. We’ll get you started quickly, and users can be added and changed easily, giving you the flexibility to manage a new channel and to control your communications.

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