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Seamless, integrated mobile call recording with Touch

Seamless, integrated mobile call recording with Touch

Mobile connectivity is an essential requirement for businesses today. But, to reliably ensure that all mobile calls are captured and securely stored the call recording function, like Touch’s, must be integrated with the mobile network. Does your call recording provider match up?

Mobile connectivity is an essential component for all businesses today. Employees increasingly want to work remotely, or in a hybrid manner, while customers expect to connect with businesses across multiple channels, including mobile, with a unified interaction across each channel, so that they are not repeating the same conversation on each channel.

Of course, the personal data of customers is regulated by a growing number of compliance obligations, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Asia. Furthermore, financial organisations are governed by compliance regulations, such as MiFID II and Dodd-Franks, relating to data concerning financial transactions.

Mobile and multichannel call recording

A significant component of these, and similar, compliance requirements is the need to record voice conversations and digital interactions, such as chat, text, or enterprise applications such as MS Teams, Bloomberg and Refinitiv.

This requires an integrated approach to call recording and compliance, which can be a daunting prospect, particularly with mobile calls usually placed from locations outside of the work environment.

Integrating mobile devices with an enterprise recording solution has become increasingly necessary, with business users needing a professional mobile call recording service that can meet all compliance needs, quickly, easily, and securely.

Such a call recording solution must work seamlessly and automatically, without user intervention. It must also be cost-effective, tamper-proof, and securely - with easy access, when needed. For example, for compliance or auditing purposes, dispute resolution, or for employee training. Listening to previous recorded calls helps employees to learn from their conversations and enhance customer service.

Seamless integration for mobile call recording

A call recording solution must therefore be able to capture all calls – incoming and outgoing – regardless of the type or model of the device being used, and location. At the same time, the solution must also neatly and seamlessly integrate with all other communication channels that employees and customers use. Is that a tall order?

Not necessarily. The recording function of the Touch Call Recording Service is integrated with the mobile network, which avoids the need for time-consuming and expensive software or hardware both in the workplace and on mobile devices – imagine the task of having to install software on every employee’s device.

Touch and its mobile operator partners

To achieve this, Touch has a growing ecosystem of mobile operator partners in the Nordics as well as Europe, and Asia. We continue to extend our mobile operator partnerships on an on-going basis.

Mobile call recording from Touch offers flexible retention periods, enabling you to keep them for as long as you need (different compliance regulations have different requirements). All recordings are encrypted and are only accessible for authorised users. Every search is logged by ID, time and date offering complete transparency.

But Touch Call Recording embraces far more than mobile phone calls and texts. Our service enables recording across more than 50 communications channels – including fixed and mobile voice calls, IP calls, chat, SMS/MMS, MS Teams, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, Mitel Cisco, Refinitiv, Bloomberg, and social media.

The only reliable way to ensure call recording across all mobile devices is to locate the call recording function in the network. That’s why Touch has been a trusted provider of compliance call recording services for multinational financial organisations and businesses for over a decade.

We were the first company in Europe to offer Call Recording as a Service, and we can optimise our solutions and services to the needs of different users and company sizes. So, get in touch to find out how we can solve your call recording challenges.

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Touch Call Recording Service is tailored to meet your innovation requirements and fine-tuned to evolve with your business needs

Different types of businesses use call recording for a variety of reasons. At Touch, we work with a wide range of organisations, many of which have different business requirements for their call recording solution.

How do you handle right to access /right to be forgotten requests under GDPR?

Compliance officers face the challenge of meeting data regulations and legislation across multiple business processes and siloes of data. That’s why a compliance solution must be easy-to-use, flexible, and fully aligned with business processes and objectives without any impact on performance.

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