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Seamless Genesys integration with Touch Call Recording Service

Seamless Genesys integration with Touch Call Recording Service

Contact centres are evolving to become a centralised engagement hub that spans the entire omnichannel customer journey, and organisations need to keep pace with these demands. Genesys offers a market-leading customer integration platform, with both on-premise and fast-growing cloud solutions – which is already integrated with Touch Call Recording Service, along with over 50 other channels, to meet your needs for quality monitoring and customer advisor training.

Companies that view their contact centre as a ‘value creator’ substantially outperform those that view it as a ‘cost centre’, according to an Accenture study of 2,000 CXOs in 2020. However, many organisations are starting to fully comprehend the power that providing a single end-to-end experience throughout the customer journey can offer.

The survey found that only 20% of organisations view the contact centre as a value centre and growth driver. However, these same organisations were shown to grow their revenue three-and-a-half times more on average over a two-year period than the 80% who viewed it as a cost centre.

Growth centre, not cost centre

The contact centre has traditionally been optimised for efficiency, but in today’s changing business environment the need for flexibility and agility is paramount. At the same time, customers now expect an end-to-end unified experience regardless of the channel through which they are communicating.

The same Accenture study, therefore, suggests that as the lines blur between customer service, marketing and sales, the contact centre is becoming the hub for all customer interactions – a full engagement centre. As well as providing strategic benefits, this will also help to build customer loyalty and trust, which has an impact on the bottom line.

One of the leading contact centre providers is Genesys, a market-leading provider of contact centre solutions, which is already integrated with Touch Call Recording Service to meet requirements for quality monitoring and customer advisor training. Genesys was recently ranked number one by IDC in terms of market share, with a leading market share of 13.8% in a worldwide total market of $10.4 billion.

According to IDC in 2021, new bookings for Genesys Cloud CX increased nearly 130%, and more than 70% for the Genesys Multicloud CX solution, year-on-year. The company also increased its traction over legacy vendors, driving three displacements per day from Avaya and Cisco alone.

Genesys is a market leading omnichannel contact centre provider

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The Genesys PureConnect platform, meanwhile, represents its on-premise omnichannel contact centre solution for mid-market to large organisations – PureConnect is also available in the cloud. As the move to the cloud gathers pace, statistics regarding on-premise Genesys installations are hard to come by, and the company stopped new sales of on-premise perpetual licenses in February 2022. However, many thousands of businesses worldwide still rely on its on-premise version.

Another reason for the success of Genesys is its expanded partnership with Microsoft, which now includes native integration of Microsoft Teams with Genesys Cloud CX – the growth in popularity of MS Teams is also well documented.

What is clear is that the contact centre market is changing and now organisations are likely to have different combinations of on-premise, hybrid and cloud solutions. At the same time, customer advisors need to use multiple channels in their interactions with customers, from MS Teams to Genesys to chat and mobile voice calls, to provide a seamless customer experience.

Compliance requirements for omnichannel contact centres

Of course, when dealing with customer personal data, organisations are bound by a growing number of compliance regulations and legislation. So, as customers demand to use multiple channels for communicating with businesses, it means that calls need to be recorded across a spectrum of channels.

Furthermore, these call recordings need to be automatic, tamper-proof, securely stored, and easily accessible – not just for compliance and audit purposes, but they are also an excellent tool for advisor training and improvement.

Touch Call Recording Service for Genesys

The Touch Call Recording Service can record and securely store call recordings and digital communications across more than 50 channels, including Genesys, MS Teams, chat, fixed and mobile voice calls, and enterprise applications, such as Avaya, Cisco, and Mitel.

The service offers quick and easy on-boarding of advisors. All users can access recordings depending on their access level: end-users can access own recordings, Team leaders those from their team, while Administrators can access everything.

Touch also offers a Touch Quality Management Service (QMS) as a value-added service. QMS provides an automated, structured process for training customer advisors by using previous calls to improve their interaction skills. The service includes traditional and modern self-training features, many of which are based on tried and tested Scandinavian training methods.

It allows customer service leaders to focus on their primary role of dealing efficiently with customer service requests, while advisors can self-train whenever they have time, making the whole team more efficient, more productive, and better able to provide exceptional customer experiences.

Touch Call Recording is a comprehensive, secure, omnichannel, unified platform for quality monitoring and staff training purposes. Whatever your requirements, contact us today to find out how we can help you to enhance your customer service and experience.


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