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Protecting your call recording data with Touch’s managed migration process

Protecting your historical recordings with Touch’s managed migration process

Many organisations have large amounts of historical call recordings and metadata they retain for ongoing quality assurance programmes and compliance purposes. Typically, many have unwittingly built up siloes of call data over many years, which is likely to be in a proprietary format. If it’s time to upgrade your call recording service, Touch can help to translate and migrate your legacy data into an open and unified format.

Many organisations will have large volumes of call recording data and metadata collected over many years, and possibly decades. That’s fine in a static business environment, but what happens when your business needs to evolve and grow, bring new business channels online, or when legacy technology reaches the end of its life?

Often, call recording strategies and technologies are likely to have been added periodically, perhaps to add new operations and channels, or to meet evolving business objectives. This means that many organisations find that without an ongoing, unified call recording strategy in place, they end up with multiple siloes of call recording data, which can be in proprietary formats. As a result, they can be locked into specific vendors.

Avoiding call recording vendor lock-in

Some providers of call recording solutions use strictly proprietary formats for recorded files and related players. This leads to vendor and solution lock-in, which could easily lead to integration and standardisation problems further down the line.

There are several reasons why an organisation may want to update its call recording strategy and solution:

  1. The evolving nature of compliance regulations, industry legislation, personal data regulations, as well as a growing number of local, national, and international rules.
  2. Your call recording system has reached “end-of-life”, for example, the manufacturer has decided to end support for the product or service.
  3. To unify call recording data into an easily accessible single repository, help streamline operations and reduce maintenance costs.
  4. To deliver enhanced business insights, create value from your data, and enable staff training and improvement.
  5. To reduce or eliminate end-of-life support costs for legacy systems.
  6. To enable “self-service” for compliance or audit purposes.
  7. The organisation is undergoing a merger or acquisition.

Compliance obligations for call recording are a significant challenge for many businesses. Of course, such regulations are updated and modified on an ongoing basis. At the same time, the lack of a cohesive call recording strategy can mean that valuable insight and information locked up in your data may be going to waste.

The benefits of migrating to a unified call recording platform are clear. So, how should an organisation go about migrating valuable data, securely and accurately, to a unified platform?

Touch’s automated process for translating and migrating encrypted legacy call recording data

One of the main considerations when moving from a legacy recording solution to a modern recording solution is handling and migrating large numbers of existing recordings. These old recordings might also be in a proprietary format used by your previous provider, making migration even harder to achieve.

Fortunately, Touch has solved this challenge by developing an automated process that converts proprietary recordings into a standardised format. This ensures all relevant metadata is migrated as part of each individual recording and that the system can handle data encryption issues.

Our automated process converts proprietary recordings into standardised format – such as WAV, MP3, AMR, or according to your requirements. Importantly, all the metadata associated with each file is also migrated as part of the call recording.

Our process ensures that you own the data and that you are not locked-in to a specific vendor or data format and, importantly, that you are ready to face the compliance future with confidence and in complete control of your own data. The result is an open, standardised file that’s easy to search, access, stream and manage.

Optimum performance on an open, unified call recording platform

Touch is also committed to developing our roadmap helping us to stay ahead of the game when it comes to evolving compliance and regulation requirements. We back this up with continuous, active, real-time performance monitoring throughout the entire value chain of our own business on a 24x7 basis to ensure the highest levels of service uptime and quality.

Touch Call Recording Service requires no app or software download/licence and no infrastructure deployment.

Feedback from our customers tells us that they stay with us because of our experience and heritage, outstanding customer service and performance.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you to assure a safe, hassle-free data migration to a modern unified call recording platform to meet all your compliance, quality assurance and business objective needs.

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