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On-demand recording mode for Microsoft Teams

On-demand recording is integral to the Touch Call Recording Service, which offers tight integration with MS Teams. Its flexibility allows organisations to switch recording mode at the touch of a button.

Touch Call Recording Service already offers tight integration with MS Teams. Now, it comes with a new feature - on-demand recording in addition to the always recording mode that has been available for a while. Its flexibility means that organisations do not have to choose between always-on and on-demand call recording – they can have a mix of both and change between the two at the touch of a button.

MS teams has become a part of daily operations in millions of organisations around the world, as employees and customers demand multi-channel communications in their daily conversations. MS Teams enables audio and video calls, conference calls, messaging, multimedia sharing, as well as tight integration with the Office 365 suite, providing one of the most powerful collaboration tools available.

Touch Call Recording Service is fully integrated with MS Teams

As well as enabling rich collaboration tools for boosting productivity between employees, on any device regardless of location, organisations and call centres are increasingly embracing the flexibility of MS Teams to provide front-line customer service capabilities. Of course, whatever MS Teams is applied to it still requires call recording capabilities in order to meet financial regulations, such as MiFID II, and personal data rules, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Touch Call Recording Service is tightly integrated with MS Teams and offers flexible, comprehensive capabilities. While many opt to use the ‘always on’ automatic call recording mode, not all advisors or employees may require such a strong level of call recording. That’s why Touch for MS Teams offers a range of customisable recording options.

There are a multitude of reasons for recording calls and digital communications, including compliance obligations, dispute resolution, audit purposes, and agent training and improvement, to name a few. Likewise, there are different ways to record calls, such as always-on, on-demand, keep or delete, and each mode is more suited to certain roles and tasks. It means that Touch for MS Teams can flexibly grow with your business and is easily adaptable should users change roles or functions.

It also depends on each organisation’s purpose for call recording. For example, under MiFID II regulations (and the accompanying Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation) financial services companies and individuals are obliged to record all fixed and mobile calls, and data communications, intended to bring about a financial transaction.

Always-on call recording

So, in this case, always-on call recording for MiFID II compliance may be the best scenario, whereby all calls are recorded automatically. In this case, every call is recorded, and, on completion of the call or digital communication, the file is encrypted under a two-stage process, and securely stored in the Touch storage centre (and mirrored to a geo-redundant site). This entire process is tamper-proof, as the user cannot turn call recording off, and cannot access the stored files without prior, express permission.

It means that, once a user is on-boarded, no human intervention is required. Furthermore, it’s possible to add further rules, such as whitelists to exclude calls from certain numbers, or only recording for incoming or outbound calls. This may be the best option for banks and financial services companies.

Always-on is useful when it’s important for every communication to be recorded, for example, for compliance purposes. Of course, this option is not just limited to MiFID II-related calls nor financial organisations. A call centre advisor may be fielding dispute resolution calls in the complaints department, for example. Again, this might require always-on call recording to ensure that there is a full transparent trail of each conversation between the customer and the organisation throughout the resolution process.

Conversely, some traditional banking services or call centre advisors may not require always-on call recording. Touch Call Recording Service for MS Teams, therefore, offers two on-demand recording options – ‘on-demand delete’ and ‘on-demand keep’. On-demand call recording is useful when only certain calls need to be recorded.

On-demand call recording: Delete or Keep?

‘On-demand delete’ is useful when only some calls need to be recorded. Essentially, all calls are recorded from the start, but the customer or financial advisor has the option of turning the recording off during a call or conversation if they become aware that there is no need to record the call. The recording is then discarded.

This option provides the reassurance of always-on recording but gives the advisor more flexibility when choosing which calls should be recorded and kept. It also means that calls that do not need recording for compliance purposes, but may contain sensitive or personal information for example, can be deleted.

Meanwhile, ‘on-demand keep’ allows advisors to switch call recording on at the start of or part way through a recording if the advisor deems that the content of the call needs recording and storing. For example, this might be useful when a call handler only deals with a few calls that need recording. The only downside to this is human error – for example, advisors may forget to switch on call recording leaving potential gaps in an on-going audit trail conversation.

Likewise, on-demand keep might be used to record only certain calls for training purposes – allowing team managers and advisors to gain a ‘snapshot’ of different conversations to monitor call advisor performance, or when a new script has been introduced to gain a flavour of how it is working.

Touch Call Recording Service for MS Teams – ultimate flexibility

Touch Call Recording Service for MS Teams provides ultimate flexibility and reassurance when it comes to call recording, meaning that users can rest assured that all bases are covered.

Touch Call Recording Service for MS Teams offers that flexibility.  It can also record communications across more than 50 different channels, including mobile and fixed voice calls, enterprise apps, and much more. Because it’s located in the network, it means that the solution is not tied to any specific operating system or type of device.

Because all recordings are centralised, they cannot be tampered with, and even if the device is lost, recordings can still be easily retrieved. To find out more, contact us today.

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Ensuring good practice for compliance recording

Deploying a call recording solution for compliance and training purposes is just the first step. Compliance is an on-going commitment that should incorporate best practices and over-arching compliance policies and strategies. Touch provides a complete service that ensures all of your bases are covered.

Ensure compliance by working with a specialist partner

Regulatory compliance is a complex challenge that applies to any organisation that collects, processes, or stores personal or financial data. For many it’s beyond their in-house capabilities, so it’s important to ensure that you work with an expert partner that can offer knowledge and expertise in meeting all forms of compliance, regulatory, and legislative obligations.

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