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Nice Mirra customer turns to Touch to help regain control over its legacy call recordings – during the obligatory retention period to ensure ongoing compliance

Nice Mirra customer turns to Touch to help regain control over its legacy call recordings – during the obligatory retention period to ensure ongoing compliance

Find out how Touch is helping customers to recover and convert call recordings from an outdated Nice Mirra system and migrate them to our open and user-friendly call recording as a service platform.

Organisations store recorded voice calls and other digital communications for an increasing number of reasons, for compliance, training, customer service enhancement, audits and for unlocking hidden value held within the data. However, the important issue of how the data is stored is clearly highlighted in an ongoing data recovery and migration project being performed by Touch for a customer. After all, to support your compliance officers the recordings must be easily accessible when you need to do so.

The Nice Mirra system has been used for decades to store and archive tens of thousands of recordings on DVDs. Customers have acknowledged that there were significant issues with the recordings, and their over-arching call recording program, so they turned to Touch for help. These projects highlight Touch’s unique experience in automated data translation and migration, regardless of file format and data siloes.

The problem with call recordings stored in a proprietary format

Customers typically have hundreds of DVDs with historic recordings stored on them – creating difficulties in accessing, logging, and retrieving the sheer volume of files stored on the DVDs. At the same time, the files were stored in the proprietary NICE format, which meant that they could only be viewed or listened to on proprietary audio players.

In a recent example, a customer approached Touch to convert the files into a non-proprietary format – in this case, MP3. In addition, the customer also needed access to the secure storage and management portal offered by Touch Call Recording Service.  

The recovery process to ensure that physical damaged DVDs and/or missing databases could be retried was extensive, and several approaches had to be used. The recovery process was able to recover most of the recordings and to add related metadata to each individual recording.

After the recovery phase, the next step was to convert all files to MP3 and encrypt each recording with unique keys. The MP3 format was agreed with the customers (other formats are also available). They are stored in our geo-redundant, secure storage facility. The stakeholders at customer agreed that all indicators for project are green and it’s set to be finalised in the next few weeks.

Whose data is it anyway?

These projects not only highlight Touch’s experience and heritage in performing large-scale, complex data translations and migrations, but also the importance of having a comprehensive, robust call recording strategy in place. Files stored in a proprietary format lead to vendor lock-in, which can stifle change and growth, and prompts the question: “Who controls the data, anyway?”

At the same time, the inability to access and easily retrieve recordings, files and metadata could pose challenges when it comes to meeting compliance obligations, performing audits, or resolving disputes. Corrupted data, siloes of data, and difficult-to-retrieve recordings can lead to unwanted difficulties for your organisation and lead to reputational damage.

Touch Call Recording Service ensures that your data remains your data. From the start of every customer relationship that we build, we offer an automated translation and migration service that can take care of any form of encryption and convert proprietary files into any non-proprietary format of your choice.

Touch Call Recording Service – Open, Flexible, Secure

We have years of experience in managing complex call recording data migrations from legacy systems to our non-proprietary, scalable, future-proof call recording as a service platform. We have worked with financial services institutions, multinational organisations, and large call centres across most verticals. Our service is also supported by our SLAs that ensure hassle-free data and service migration, without any disruption to your business.

Our service is maintained as part of an ISO27001-certified information system, with recorded calls automatically transferred – regardless of device and communication channel – to the recording facility via a secure connection.

Access control is highly granular and allows only authorised personnel to access recordings, which can be searched by multiple parameters, including time, date, name, telephone number, and so on. All activities in the Touch Web-Portal are logged by user, date, and time, ensuring a complete audit trail and transparency over who is viewing the files. The Touch web-Portal supports any browser, at your choice.

The non-proprietary storage formats we use can be reviewed on any player, ensuring that you are not locked into any specific vendor, and that you’re ready to face the future with confidence.

Touch Call Recording Service hands control of your data back to you. Our service just works. There is no need for expensive, risky, and time-consuming software or hardware deployments, and all data migrations are performed without disruption to your business.

If you would like to recover lost or corrupted recordings, resolve data siloes, or simply regain control of your call recording strategy, then contact us today.

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