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New functions for Touch Call Recording Service – enhancing user experience

New functions for Touch Call Recording Service – enhancing user experience

A collaborative relationship with our customers is key to identifying service development requirements to meet market demands and specific challenges. Learn about some recent innovations, implemented in close collaboration with our customers – and available for all.

What’s new in Touch Call Recording Service?

The Touch Call Recording Service benefits from continuous collaboration with our customers, driving new features and functions, and ensuring that everyone benefits from innovation tuned to your needs.

We’re recently added a number of new functions, three of which we highlight in this article. Each has been implemented based on customer feedback, creating an enriched experience. They help your organisation with compliance activities, enhancing quality assurance, and to capture insights.

Timeline View and Playback

Timeline View and Playback has been available as a configurable function for some time. This is a function that compiles a complete conversation, enabling users to view a single dialogue between two phone numbers over time, and easily playback calls and read text messages. The Timeline View and Playback was well received and provided a better overview of conversations. The feedback has been very positive.

Now, we have extended the Timeline View and Playback to include more than two phone numbers, as well as more channels. In fact, you can use our powerful search engine with any filter or selection and view the result in the Timeline View and Playback. This tool allows you to obtain a real timeline overview of any multi-channel communication between several parties.

Report Module

Touch has provided user-specific reports to our customers since our foundation. Our philosophy has always been to tailor the reports to each customer’s need. To make report subscriptions more easily accessible, Touch is introducing a self-service Report Module in Touch Web-Portal.

With this, administrators can subscribe to reports based on their own requirements. Currently, User Activity, Company Statistics and Service Availability reports are available for subscription. More reports will be added over time – if you’d like to discuss specific requirements, please get let us know, and we’ll arrange a meeting!

On-demand Call Recording

Touch now offers an On-demand Call Recording function, which supports all phone systems in a unified manner. This function is managed via Touch Web-Portal and can be configured to individual needs.

The need for call recording varies from industry to industry. Companies may often have a mix of customer calls, some of which need to be recorded and some that do not. In these cases, on-demand call recording is a very helpful feature.

On-demand call recording allows users to decide which calls that should be recorded. Until now, on-demand call recording has been dependent on the phone system in use. Some phone systems support on-demand recording functionality, while others do not. In addition, implementations vary which can make it difficult to use. The lack of universal on-demand call recording functions has restricted many companies to a single phone system and limited work-force flexibility.

Now, if the On-demand Call Recording function is activated, recorded calls will be held in an inaccessible pending state. The user has a grace period (configurable) during which they can decide to keep a recording or not. If no action is taken, the recorded call will be deleted once the grace period expires. The function works across all phone systems – both fixed and mobile.

Please contact Touch Support Centre for more information and to activate this and other new functions!

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Protecting your historical recordings with Touch’s managed migration process

Many organisations have large amounts of historical call recordings and metadata they retain for ongoing quality assurance programmes and compliance purposes. Typically, many have unwittingly built up siloes of call data over many years, which is likely to be in a proprietary format. If it’s time to upgrade your call recording service, Touch can help to translate and migrate your legacy data into an open and unified format.

Touch Call Recording Service is tailored to meet your innovation requirements and fine-tuned to evolve with your business needs

Different types of businesses use call recording for a variety of reasons. At Touch, we work with a wide range of organisations, many of which have different business requirements for their call recording solution.

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