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Microsoft Teams adoption – up like a rocket – But how can you ensure effective compliance recording on Teams?

Microsoft Teams adoption – up like a rocket – But how can you ensure effective compliance recording on Teams?

Microsoft Teams has been eagerly embraced by organisations for internal and external communications. Reports from Microsoft indicate there are now 75 million active users daily. With Touch, you can easily bring Teams channels into recording and compliance programmes.

Over the last few months, the team at Touch has benefited from the adoption of Microsoft Teams – just like millions of other businesses around the world. It’s a great solution and it’s been seamlessly integrated into our work patterns.

It’s been the same across every sector – including industries that are subject to regulation and oversight, such as the financial service sector. Of course, this has created a problem – ensuring compliance with the relevant legislation, such as MiFID II. How can this be achieved?

Touch integrated Teams to ensure effective compliance

Our team responded quickly. We rapidly integrated Teams with our Touch Call Recording Service – a multi-channel recording solution. As a result, we can now offer an easy upgrade to ensure that Teams is brought firmly into your compliance programmes.

If a registered user needs to be included in the compliance recording programme, recording is initiated automatically for all calls made in the Teams environment. This applies to one-to-one calls as well as group discussions. So, when a user speaks with someone inside or outside their organisation, or a mixed group in a meeting, then the recording service is initiated.

Of course, it’s also important to ensure that participants know the session is being recorded. To achieve this, we ensure a note is displayed in the Teams client, so that everyone knows what’s happening. This is shown throughout the duration of the session, thereby meeting all requirements.

If you use Teams, talk to Touch to include in your recording programmes

Interest in this has been tremendous. Many of our customers have taken advantage of the enhancement to update their systems – a simple process. A key benefit is that the process is seamless – just like with the standard Touch Call Recording Service, the recording just works, requires no user intervention, and ensures that organisations comply with relevant regulations.

It’s unlikely that Teams adoption will slow. Companies like it, most have it, and it’s become key for communication between companies that have distributed workforces, and which need to engage with other organisations. While there are other solutions, for ad-hoc or scheduled meetings, there’s no doubt that the ubiquity of Teams means that it’s won many friends.

So, if you are a Teams user and you need to record calls for compliance or other purposes, just let us know – we can ensure that you bring Teams into recording programmes, quickly and easily.

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