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Is Microsoft Teams integrated with your compliance programme?

Is Microsoft Teams integrated with your compliance programme?

MS Teams is one of Microsoft's most successful apps so far, with over a quarter of a billion users globally. As it becomes a part of working life, organisations must ensure that it is fully incorporated into their call recording compliance strategy, as part of a multichannel approach. Find out how Touch can help.

Since its launch in 2016, MS Teams has seen incredible adoption, with Microsoft stating that it is the company’s fastest-growing app with over 330,000 businesses of all sizes using it worldwide. While the pandemic fuelled a surge in its usage for collaboration and communication between remote and at-home workers, its growth since then has shown no signs of abating.

According to Microsoft, MS Teams reached 270 million users in 2022, up from 145 million in the previous year, making it the most popular business communication application globally.  MS Teams enables employees to collaborate and work together more efficiently with features such as chat, file sharing, video calling, conferencing, and so on, with organisations finding new ways to use it on a daily basis. It also allows the integration of third-party apps and business processes, helping to streamline daily interactions.

MS Teams streamlines collaboration

MS Teams enables more efficient meetings, as files can be shared and amended during the meeting, reducing the volume of emails, and ensuring that everyone is on the same version of the same page. It’s also tightly integrated with Microsoft 365 apps such as OneDrive, SharePoint, OneNote, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, meaning that employees can now spend all day within MS Teams, without needing to exit it to access other apps.

Of course, importantly, it enables remote and at-home workers to collaborate, and significantly reduces national and international travel. It means that MS Teams is now a part of employees’ daily routines – both for internal and external communications. And it’s not just large enterprises that benefit, smaller organisations have also embraced the platform to enable efficient collaboration.

As MS Teams becomes ubiquitous, it must of course be fully integrated into your compliance strategy. Most organisations are subject to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance obligations, while others such as financial services organisations must adhere to MiFID and Dodd-Frank. At the same time, there are local, international and industry regulations that organisations need to comply with.

The recording and secure storage – and easy access – of voice calls (fixed and mobile) and digital communications is an essential component of compliance requirements. At the same time, a growing number of enterprises are realising that recorded conversations can reveal hidden value and information about customers, as well as aiding employee training and quality assurance.

Of course, many employees are also likely to be using a broad range of different collaboration and communications channels, all of which also need to be recorded and stored – recording for Teams is essential, but you must ensure that Teams is not treated as a silo, but rather that Teams recording is aligned with your wider recording framework.

Touch Call Recording Service for MS Teams

That’s where we help, with a unified solution that spans all of your channels. Touch Call Recording Service is a comprehensive, managed platform for compliance, auditing, training, dispute resolution, and other purposes, that is already integrated with MS Teams, as well as over 50 other communications channels, including fixed and mobile voice calls, PBX systems, chat, SMS, and vertical enterprise apps such as Bloomberg and Refinitiv Messenger.

Our service ensures compliance with all regulations and legislation across multiple channels. It can record all calls on any device running MS Teams, including desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

All calls in MS Teams are recorded automatically, without the need for user intervention. Users can also be on-boarded quickly. On completion of the call or conversation, the recordings are made available in the Touch Web-Portal, an intuitive interface that allows authorised personnel to access and retrieve recorded calls, providing transparent, user-friendly access to recorded files.

Touch Call Recording Service just works, across multiple channels including MS Teams. If your organisation uses MS Teams as a collaboration and communication tool, then contact Touch today to find out how we can help you to meet your compliance and operational requirements – and consolidate your compliance recording into a single solution, available as a service.

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Many organisations have built an array of different compliance and call recording solutions over the years, which often use different processes, formats, and protocols. The data silos this has created are detrimental to your organisation’s compliance capabilities. Ultimately, they can prevent you from assuring that you meet compliance obligations. What’s required is a holistic, integrated approach to call recording and compliance.

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