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How to Choose a Call Recording Solution for Public Sector Organisations

How to Choose a Call Recording Solution for Public Sector Organisations: 5 Key Considerations

Choosing the right call recording solution is an important decision, not just for compliance purposes but also for operational flexibility, agility, and success.

Choosing the right call recording solution is essential for business success today and, particularly for public sector organisations. Against a background of complex regulatory frameworks, demand for exceptional multi-channel customer experience, and increasing competition, it could be one of the most important decisions an organisation can take.

With the regulatory and legislative landscape becoming increasingly complex – think General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, and others, plus the upcoming introduction of new EU-wide rules such as the Network and Information Systems (NIS2) Directive (16 January 2024) and the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), which will be applicable as of 17 January 2025 – the importance of choosing the right call recording solution cannot be understated.

Furthermore, with such a wide range of choice of solutions and services, making the right choice can seem daunting. Here, we simplify the thought process for you, highlighting 5 key considerations to take into account when choosing a call recording solution not just for compliance purposes, but also to help streamline operations, enhance efficiency, unlock hidden value in data, provide employee coaching and development capabilities, and to ensure data security and privacy.

1.    Examine Your Compliance Needs

The starting point. As well as over-arching regulations, such as GDPR and NIS2 – which apply to most organisations that process or store data, and use an ICT infrastructure (cloud, managed service, or on-premise) – specific verticals will have additional compliance requirements. For example, MiFID II and the upcoming DORA mainly focus on financial services firms, while GDPR, and the need for absolute security and privacy of personal data, has a significant impact on local authorities and public sector organisations.

At the same time, other verticals may have their own set of compliance regulations. Notably, even if an organisation is not physically based in a country or state that has its own requirements, such as Dodd-Frank in the US, or the NIS2 in the EU, they will be subject to local rules if they provide services to that region – NIS2, for example, covers digital service and infrastructure providers.

Before considering any call recording service it is essential to create a comprehensive list of all compliance rules and obligations that your organisation is subject to, which can then be used to guide your decision.

2.    Prioritise Comprehensive / Multi-channel Call Recording

Employees, peers, and customers use an expanding range of communication channels, from mobile voice calls to MS Teams and chat. It means that organisations need to capture data from a broad range of apps, on-premise or cloud PBX solutions, online chat, MS Teams, and industry-specific apps such as Bloomberg.

Compliance covers not just voice calls, but also digital communications – all of which may contain personal data, valuable business insight, financial transaction conversations, audit, and dispute resolution information, and so on.

Touch Call Recording Service, for example, covers over 50 channels – including voice calls, SMS, chat, MS Teams, WhatsApp, PBX integrations, enterprise apps, and so on. Touch also integrates with all major PBX providers – including Cisco, Mitel, 3CX, Avaya, and others, as well as Contact Centre offerings – such as Genesys, Cisco and other regional CCaaS providers – and multiple chat solutions, including Vergic, Bloomberg, and Refinitiv, among others.

It’s a comprehensive, fully managed service, which means that we take care of ensuring that you meet all your compliance obligations, including tamper-proof recording, secure data storage, permissions-based access to ensure transparency, and coaching and development options to help improve customer service.

The more comprehensive the platform, the better – of course, it also eliminates siloes of data and combinations of different call recording solutions, which may store data in different formats or with different levels of encryption and can lead to potential errors, gaps, and incompatibilities in data, which in turn could create compliance issues.

3.    Optimise Security / Mitigate Risk

Data security and privacy is the bedrock for any call recording solution and is essential for public sector organisations. GDPR, MiFID II, Sarbanes-Oxley, and so on – all of them demand data security as the central tenet. The right call recording solution must be tamper-proof. For example, Touch Call Recording Service can only be switched on by authorised administrators – once an employee is on-boarded they cannot switch it on or off (although this can be customised for certain employees or departments – always-on, on-demand delete, or on-demand keep).

Touch is also maintained as part of an ISO27001 certified information system, whereby all recordings undergo a two-stage encryption process, according to ETSI TR 102 661 (a random secret key of AES, 256 bits, is generated for each file, which is then encrypted with an RSA asymmetric encryption algorithm of 2,048 bits). Only metadata is stored in the database.

Each file is immediately sent to our secure storage facility on completion of a communication, and then mirrored to a geo-redundant storage facility to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery. All files are date-stamped, and access is only provided to authorised personnel – any access to files is recorded by user ID, time, date, and type of query to ensure complete transparency. Our service also enables automatic deletion of files, according to retention rules – for example, GDPR-related data must be deleted once it is no longer required, such as at the end of a contract.

4.    Scalability / Flexibility / Availability

A call recording platform must be able to scale with your requirements – from one user to thousands – and be flexible enough to grow with operational requirements to meet periods of both peak demand (seasonal, for example) and lower demand.

The right solution should also make it easy to on-board and remove users, while offering tailored options, such as on-demand, or on-demand keep / on-demand delete. It means that call recording can be customised to meet the needs of specific users and roles, while adhering to the overall policies and rules.

For example, Touch is almost limitlessly scalable and offers different options when it comes to role-based call recording. ‘Always-on’ recording does exactly what it says, with users easily on-boarded via a centralised, intuitive web-based dashboard. ‘On-demand keep’ allows advisors to switch call recording on at the start of or part way through a recording if required, while ‘on-demand delete’ is useful when only some calls need to be recorded – all calls are recorded but can be deleted at the end of the call. Such flexibility is essential, for example, when an employee joins the company or switches roles within the organisation.

Likewise, availability is essential to avoid any disruption to your business and potential non-compliance issues when the service is unavailable. At Touch we aim for 100% availability and continuously monitor service performance. Should the worst happen, we have our disaster recovery storage centre to ensure that no data is lost, and our Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – the duration of time and service level within which a business process must be restored after a disaster – is just one hour.

5.    Coaching and development

The right call recording solution should offer far more than compliance – it can be used to uncover valuable insights from data hidden in customer communications, identify common issues, offer opportunities for providing new services, and enhance customer experience by providing comprehensive coaching and development capabilities for employees.

Touch Quality Management Service, for example, enables organisations to evaluate customer interactions for both individuals and teams. By listening back to historical conversations, in their own time, advisors can understand areas for improvement, which can be guided by team leader feedback on each recording.

It enables proactive improvement of advisor performance, which ultimately leads to enhanced levels of customer service, and provides benchmarks and KPIs for your organisation, against which employees and teams can assess their own performance. In turn, this can help to provide consistent, exceptional levels of customer service and experience, while improving the morale of employees by ensuring that they are receiving excellent coaching and development opportunities.

Choosing the right call recording solution is imperative not just for meeting an ever-increasingly complex compliance framework, but also for assuring optimum levels of data security, service availability, and customer service. Public sector organisations, of course, are no different. Customer service, compliance, security and performance matter in the delivery of public services, as much as they do in any sector.

Consider the five recommendations outlined here, and contact Touch today to find out why our comprehensive, multi-channel, call recording platform represents the right decision for you.

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