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Ensuring good practice for compliance recording

Ensuring good practice for compliance recording

Deploying a call recording solution for compliance and training purposes is just the first step. Compliance is an on-going commitment that should incorporate best practices and over-arching compliance policies and strategies. Touch provides a complete service that ensures all of your bases are covered.

Call recording is an integral part of most customer-facing organisation’s compliance obligations. Fortunately, solutions such as Touch Call Recording Service can automate the process – without the need for software or hardware deployments – and ensure secure data storage and that any new or emerging regulations are incorporated into the solution automatically.

However, that should be considered just the start of any compliance program. Compliance is by no means a static notion, it’s an on-going process. First, existing staff need to be educated and trained in the importance of compliance and how it can impact themselves and the organisation. A simple example might be to train staff on a call to ensure they inform the caller that calls are recorded. But there are other compelling reasons to adopt an on-going compliance education and training policy.

Compliance policies are essential

Compliance policies lay out guidelines and expectations as to how staff can meet compliance obligations. It’s important that every organisation that’s subject to such regulations has a clear policy that can be easily understood by staff ensuring that everyone knows the company policy and expectations. By ensuring that the policy runs alongside procedures and the call recording solution, organisations can help to avoid any non-compliance issues.

The main goal of a compliance policy is to ensure that the organisation meets all relevant compliance obligations, laws, regulations, and standards. So, organisations may need a number of different policies. For example, for call recording expectations, data privacy, ethics, and so on. Each policy should outline what needs to be done, who is responsible, and how that is achieved.

Staff need to understand best practice, while new users must be educated in the need for best practice and adherence to company policies. Knowledge of how the call recording solution is implemented and a rudimentary understanding of how it works can also help staff to understand how the solution works, and how they are covered.

For example, Touch Call Recording Service is network-based with users onboarded by your administrator. It means that users do not have to switch call recording on or off regarding different types of calls or channels. With Touch, if staff have been onboarded to the service, it just works. Importantly, this means that staff will not forget to switch call recording on. It also means it’s tamper-proof. Knowing this could help to put staff at ease as they know they are automatically covered.

The devil is in the detail

Another essential consideration is the number of different channels that are now used for communication between employees and customers. For example, Touch covers more than 50 channels, including fixed and mobile voice, MS Teams, chat, enterprise applications, industry-standard applications, and even WhatsApp. You can contact us to day to find out which applications are aligned with our service – we add new channels as requested or necessary.

This is where a compliance policy becomes essential. For example, in the case of iMessage, employees would need to switch off iMessage for work purposes, so that the default SMS settings are used – SMS is aligned with the Touch Call Recording Service. Such details can be overlooked, but this is why a compliance policy is so important. With the right policy and training, your staff will have been taught to switch their communication device to SMS in order to meet company compliance policies.

Such details can appear daunting, but that’s where Touch can help. We have decades of experience of helping customers to meet their multi-channel compliance obligations. Furthermore, our on-going technology and compliance roadmap means that you will always be up to date when it comes to compliance. We can also bring our experience of helping organisations to create best practice policies to your company.

In short, we provide a complete managed service that covers not just call recording, but best practice, staff training, and audit logs, to name a few, to ensure that your company is best placed to meet all of its compliance requirements. To find out how we can help you, contact us today.

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