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Ensuring effective compliance recording with Microsoft Teams

Ensuring effective compliance recording with Microsoft Teams

Compliance call recording for Microsoft Teams, in a managed service solution to protect your business!

The recording of voice calls for compliance purposes is a well-established task for many organisations, particularly in the financial services industry. While many people use different channels for conversations with customers, voice remains a key tool. Put simply, people like to talk.

So, compliance call recording must encompass any means through which people hold conversations. For some time, that’s mostly required fixed and mobile calls to be included in compliance recording programmes, but today’s organisations have adopted a wide range of (very useful) voice communications channels – which creates a need to include any such tool in the recording policies in place.

Bring Teams into your compliance programme

One tool that has become central to many enterprises is Microsoft Teams. People use it for ad hoc and scheduled interaction, switching to voice when they want to have a conversation. Of course, it’s interesting to reflect how quickly Teams has been adopted – something that seemed an optional feature has moved front and centre, with exceptional pace.

As a result, for organisations that need to carry out recording for compliance or quality assurance, Teams has become another digital channel that must be included in a call recording programme.

Teams also offers breakout to / from fixed and mobile lines

Teams essentially create a series of interconnected islands, enabling users in one company to reach those in another. However, while that’s extremely useful, for a variety of reasons, there can be many people in such organisations who are unable to access – for whatever reason – Teams.

To get round this problem, Teams includes the ‘Direct Routing’ feature, which is a way to provide a PSTN (public switched telephone network) connection to Microsoft Teams users so that they can make and receive external phone calls on any device using Teams – reaching users outside the Teams network.

Consequently, any such call – inbound and outbound must be included in the compliance framework. Extending different modes of interaction to users offers many benefits, but it also creates a headache for compliance officers and IT teams, who must ensure that all relevant national and international standards are adhered to, at all times.

A comprehensive, single solution – a call recording service for your business

Fortunately, Touch has the answer. Touch Call Recording Service covers all classical channels – such as fixed and mobile – but it also offers ready-made integration with teams. This enables all Teams – Teams calls to be recorded, as well as any inbound and outbound calls to fixed and mobile users.

The solution is offered as a fully managed service, and is continuously active, ensuring that all calls are recorded automatically, without any user intervention. Compliance offices and IT teams have control, so that they can manage users, implement the right policies and access any recordings, while users simply carry on with their customer conversations.

Compliance for Teams, fixed, mobile – and more, as a managed service

This seamless service delivery provides peace of mind and ensures compliance, but it also helps employee welfare, because it supports any flexible remote or hybrid working plans in place. According to Microsoft, 66% of business leaders are planning for such flexibility in the workplace, while even more (73%) employees have expressed a preference for such conditions[1].

So, regardless of the motivation, there’s a clear need to extend call recording to Teams as well as existing channels. With Touch, you can do this easily, ensuring comprehensive support for your compliance programme, while supporting new ways of working and adapting to new trends.

Touch Call Recording Service is secure, protecting your organisation, and offers the scalability you need to include all your users. It’s an established service, backed by rigorous, continuous assurance and service monitoring, giving you 100% uptime. Best of all, we’re constantly looking at new channels – so, as your business evolves, we will provide comprehensive coverage for all voice and digital channels, giving you a tool that adapts to new requirements.



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