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Ensuring compliance using MS Teams and Touch Call Recording Service

Ensuring compliance using MS Teams and Touch Call Recording Service

Compliance recording for MS Teams offers multiple features for the recording of voice and audio calls, meetings, chat, messages, and more, but it’s essential to ensure that local data sovereignty and compliance regulations are met. Tight integration with Touch Call Recording Service ensures that.

Together, MS Teams and Touch Call Recording Service ensure compliance with all local, personal data, and industry-specific regulations.

In today's regulatory landscape, where digital communication is ubiquitous, ensuring compliance within collaborative platforms such as Microsoft Teams is not just about voice calls but extends to screen recordings as well. Screen recordings in Teams can capture a wealth of information from shared documents.

However, this also creates a unique set of compliance considerations, especially for industries bound by stringent data protection and privacy regulations. While MS Teams offers a host of collaborative capabilities, it’s also imperative to ensure data integrity, protect sensitive information, and adhere to legal standards. How can organisations ensure this?

MS Teams compliance functionality

MS Teams offers a wealth of integrated unified collaboration functionality. But, for compliance & policy-based recording you need a certified Microsoft partner —like Touch — to ensure that calls and meetings are automatically recorded, according to company policies. It enables seamless, high-quality media capture across all devices, and all supported endpoints for audio, video, screen share, and chat.

It’s also essential for organisations to consider other compliance requirements – such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Freedom of Information Act. Screen sharing and recording in MS Teams are actions that also impact these strict regulatory requirements, particular around the inadvertent capture of sensitive or personal information.

Users can also request that a meeting is not recorded, so it’s essential to set the function before any meeting in which data or screenshots might be shared.

Meeting data retention and deletion compliance requirements

Touch Call Recording Service offers a flexible set of retention times. That’s because the time for which recordings must be stored is a question of the nature of the data stored, data sovereignty laws, and the regulations in each region, as well as regulations for specific industries.

For example, in financial services, data must be securely stored for at least 5 years under MiFID II rules, while under the GDPR, data must be stored for an appropriate time. So, it’s essential to ensure that the nature of the data storage is customised to meet regulations that it might need to adhere to.

How Touch Call Recording Service helps

Touch Call Recording Service is a complete managed service that has been integrated with compliance recording for the Microsoft Teams network since 2020. It ensures that every agreed and recorded conversation is captured, encrypted, and securely stored for as long as compliance or business performance obligations require.

It also has policy-based access functionality, whereby authorised personnel have access to data, with any search logged by user ID, date, time, and the search parameters used. All files use two-factor encryption, and only metadata is stored, which creates a further line of security.

It’s also essential that every screen recording is logged, with detailed metadata for tracking and review purposes, facilitating oversight and compliance audits. Audit trails are essential to show compliance and for events such as dispute resolution.

Compliance recording for MS Teams as a feature of Touch Call Recording Service automatically ensures that required retention and deletion times are met for regulations such as MiFID II and GDPR. All files are securely stored, and only authorised personnel can access them. Audit trails are clearly tracked, and compliance with local and specific industry regulations is ensured.

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