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Ensuring compliance call recording with Microsoft Teams

MS Teams is an integral component of many organisations’ daily operations meaning that it must adhere to compliance obligations – this is particularly important when it comes to call recording policies. Leaving it to users to turn on call recording does not meet compliance requirements. What’s needed is a fully integrated call recording solution for MS Teams.

MS Teams has become the world’s most popular business collaboration, communication and messaging platform and, according to Microsoft, is used by over 1 million businesses, including 91 out of the Fortune 100. As of the middle of 2023, Microsoft estimates that MS Teams has over 300 million daily users – up from 270 million in 2022.

MS Teams and Office 365

A major part of its appeal is that it is tightly integrated with Office 365, meaning that employees and users can spend their entire day within MS Teams (and Office 365) without needing to use any other app. But it offers multiple benefits, including greater collaboration, improved efficiency, easy video conferencing, and multimedia capabilities. Of course, MS Teams is available on most device types, including desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones, meaning that users can collaborate wherever they are.

As such, any session or conversation held using the Teams platform can fall under the remit of call recording policies – and relevant legislation. So, in turn, this requires absolute adherence to compliance recording.

It means that any conversations containing information regarding financial advice and transactions must be recorded, regardless of the channel being used – and this includes MS Teams. How can organisations ensure that they are meeting all of their regulatory and compliance obligations for employees using MS Teams, often working remotely?

Automatic call recording for MS Teams sessions

The personal recording capabilities allowing users to activate recording during a Teams session – which can be done from any account – are not the same as true compliance recording.

True compliance recording is tamper-proof, and the recordings are made available according to the company’s policy. Compliance is there to stop fraudulent activity, so calls must be recorded automatically, without the user being able to switch it on or off as they see fit. To achieve this, a call recording solution must be fully integrated with MS Teams.

Touch Call Recording Service is fully integrated with MS Teams. Users who are taking calls that contain personal or financial data can be on-boarded quickly and easily by designated administrators. It means that calls will be automatically recorded for each on-boarded user in a tamper-proof manner.

Touch’s policy-based call recording for MS Teams ensures compliance

Our solution also offers policy-based recording so, for example, internal calls can be excluded from call recording, while it could be enabled for all external calls – inbound and outbound.

Another important consideration when using compliance recording for MS Teams is whether you would like to have an automatic notification that recording is enabled or not. Touch Call Recording Service supports an option to display a message in the MS Teams client stating that the call is being recorded. The message is displayed through the entirety of the conversation so that everyone is aware.

Once the call has been concluded, the call and metadata are encrypted and automatically made available in the Touch Web-Portal. The highest IT-security measures are used, and the stored data is mirrored to a geo-redundant site. The service cannot be altered by administrators or users, meaning that it’s entirely tamper-proof.

Importantly, Touch Call Recording Service also supports recording for more than 50 other communication channels. This matters, because while Teams is, as we noted, widely used, there are always other communications systems and channels available to members of an organisation.

Our compliance and technological roadmap also means that any updates, legislation or new services, are quickly integrated into our service, ensuring that all of your call recordings are not just compliant with existing regulations, but also future proof. To find out more about Touch’s integrated MS Teams compliance capabilities, contact us today.

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