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Enhancing customer satisfaction– how call recording can really help

Enhancing customer satisfaction– how call recording can really help

When calls are recorded for quality and training purposes, what actually happens? Do you have the tools and resources you need to process them and to capture the insights you seek? Touch QMS provides a simple upgrade to your existing Call Recording as a Service solution, enabling you to drive performance enhancements, please more customers and boost advisor satisfaction.

What do you really do with your call recordings?

This call may be recorded for quality and training purposes. Most of us are familiar with these words – we often hear them when we speak with advisors in contact centres. Many, though, are left wondering if anyone actually does listen to these calls.

However, there is huge value to be found in the analysis of recordings made during client interactions – and not just from the conversation, but from all threads that make up the kinds of multi-channel dialogues that are becoming increasingly common.

This is bi-directional. Not only do customers want to receive (and appreciate) better service, but advisors are also motivated to deliver it. They find satisfaction in a job well done – and how they deliver service may also have a big impact on KPIs and success factors.

So, recording conversations and dialogues serves two purposes – first, to boost customer / user satisfaction and, second, to drive better service delivery and results. In both cases, there are, as was famously noted, ‘moments of truth’ that determine how people feel about the service they are offered and the service that they are delivering.

How do you process and analyse them?

Of course, to make sense of these – and to really understand performance in a quantifiable, measurable way, you need to be able to analyse the recordings in the first place. But, the truth is that, for many operators of contact centres, this remains more of an aspiration.

Yes, there is a new wave of enhancements, bringing technologies such as AI and ML into play – but these can be complex to adopt and are not within reach of all contact centre operators. As a result, not all contact centre operators or service providers have the right tools in place to perform the required analyses.

What’s more, such solutions may require significant additional investments – both in real costs and through indirect costs incurred as they are onboarded and integrated into operational processes and systems.

Touch Quality Management Service – make the most of your recordings

For users of the Touch Call Recording as a Service solution, however, there’s an easy option to explore. That’s because our integrated Quality Management Service (or QMS) is available as an extension to your existing subscription.

QMS provides a complete solution for quality monitoring, delivered as a fully managed service. It includes the recording of all customer calls and interactions via other digital channels, enabling users to accurately evaluate service delivery and consistency – and both the customer and advisor experience.

What’s more, it enables benchmarks to be created, so that quantifiable metrics and KPIs can be created and tracked, so that performance can be measured with objective insights and data.

And, from the perspective of the advisor, it offers training opportunities, so that they can learn more effectively, based on real situations – continuous training, which makes a significant impact on employee satisfaction and retention.

So, why not consider adding QMS to your organisation? And, if you are thinking about joining us, QMS is just another feature that will ensure you gain the most from your service.

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