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Empowering Mobile Operators: Delivering compliance recording services with Touch Call Recording Service

Empowering Mobile Operators: Delivering compliance recording services with Touch Call Recording Service

Touch Call Recording Service provides mobile operators with a differentiated service offer for B2B subscribers that can help to monetise new revenue streams and enhance subscriber experience and retention.

In today's fast-paced digital world, mobile operators are constantly seeking innovative solutions and differentiated services to enhance their service offerings and meet the evolving needs of their subscribers. One compelling opportunity is voice and SMS recording for compliance, audit trails, and training purposes. Touch Call Recording Service offers mobile operators a differentiated service for their B2B subscribers that enables monetisation of new revenue streams, and enhanced customer experience and retention.

As the number of regulations, and compliance and legal obligations continues to grow – such as General Data Protection Act (GDPR), MiFID and MiFID II, and Dodd-Frank, as well as statutory and industry-specific regulations – the enterprise customers of MNOs are under pressure to meet these rules. This offers a golden opportunity for MNOs and telcos to monetise new revenue streams by offering a comprehensive call recording service to their customers.

However, compliance is not a core specialism of most MNOs and mobile operators. You need a partner with deep expertise in this domain. That’s where Touch Call Recording Service can help you monetise a new revenue stream by providing an advanced, differentiated service – compliance call recording.

Touch has decades of experience of compliance call recording

Touch is a specialist in the field of call recording and compliance with decades of experience.   Our core offer, Touch Call Recording Service, is a complete fully managed, network-based call recording service that enables mobile operators (and MVNOs) to provide a seamless and compliant call recording service to their own subscribers. In turn, it enhances your own customer satisfaction and retention, and opens new revenue opportunities.

Touch Call Recording Service is compliant with all legal obligations surrounding personal data and financial transactions, as well as industry-specific regulations throughout the world. Importantly, our strategic roadmap means that we are constantly updating our service to ensure that all emerging regulations and legislation are met, and that any new or amended requirements are directly integrated into our compliance service. Put simply, we do the hard work for you.

We have decades of experience helping a broad range of organisation – from SMEs with just a handful of employees, up to large enterprises with tens of thousands of employees, as well as MNOs – to meet their compliance and auditing obligations, as well as advisor training requirements.

Yes, it is possible for enterprises to use third-party apps for call recording on mobile devices, but there are significant drawbacks, including an inability to capture call metadata (information on the caller, number, duration, and so on), the fact that recorded files reside on the device (which opens the potential for files to be tampered with), and the ability for users to uninstall or disable mobile call recording (which violates many regulations).

A highly flexible, scalable network-based service for call recording

Conversely, our service resides in the network connected to your core - which means that all calls are recorded directly within the mobile and fixed network, enhancing security and eliminating the potential for tampering.

It also means adoption of the service is simple – there is no need for the installation of any software or hardware. So, integration with your existing mobile infrastructure is easy and seamless, allowing you to deploy call recording services without disrupting current operations. 

We are already a trusted partner for call recording, and we are a certified partner for a growing number of telecoms operators.

Touch Call Recording Service is highly scalable and flexible in nature. Our architecture offers dynamic, elastic, near-limitless capacity and storage for operators, meaning that you can expand to meet the needs of existing customers, while on-boarding new customers without having to worry about adding further capacity. It means that operators can meet the needs of their growing and diverse subscriber base, from individual users to large enterprises. 

Of course, ensuring the security and privacy of your customers’ recorded files and data is imperative. Because our service is network based, it means that users cannot turn call recording on or off – only authorised personnel can. As soon as a call is completed, the recorded file is automatically transferred – via a dedicated secure connection – to the Touch Storage recording facility. It means that our service – your service – is highly secure and tamper-proof.

Ensuring the security of call recordings is imperative

Our service also supports advanced encryption as part of an ISO27001 certified information system. As soon as a recorded call is completed, every file undergoes a two-stage encryption process, according to ETSI TR 102 661. First, we generate a random secret key for each file (AES, 256 bits), which is then encrypted with an RSA asymmetric encryption algorithm with a key length of 2,048 bits.

This encrypted, secret key is then stored in the database with reference to the encrypted data file. It means that only metadata – no content – is stored in the database, which adds a further layer of security and peace of mind.

We also take care of disaster recovery and business continuity concerns, as every recording is mirrored in geo-redundant storage sites. Our near-limitless storage capacity can be increased or decreased, according to demand.

The Touch Call Recording Service also ensures controlled access to recorded files. Access to, and retrieval of, files from the database is enabled by the Touch Web-Portal, an easy-to-use, intuitive web interface, providing your subscribers with full control over their recorded files. It’s also secure. Subscribers to the service can restrict access to recorded files – via the portal – which ensures that only assigned personnel have access permissions.

Search and retrieval activities are also fully traceable – our database records every query by user ID, date, time, search parameter, and so on, ensuring that every search has a full audit trail. It means complete accountability and transparency. The service also supports the exclusion of whitelisted numbers (for example, family and friends).

Touch Call Recording Service: A monetisation opportunity for mobile operators

In conclusion, in highly competitive landscapes, MNOs and telcos are constantly seeking new monetisation opportunities through the provision of innovative and differentiated services. Call recording of fixed and mobile calls, as well as digital communications, is imperative to meet the growing compliance burden, ensure audit trails, and to enhance advisor development and training. So why not partner with Touch to deliver a compelling solution to your B2B customers?

Touch Call Recording Service is an easily integrated, fully managed, network-based service that enables operators to offer subscribers a new differentiated B2B service. As well as creating new revenue streams for MNOs, our service can enhance the satisfaction and retention of your existing customers, while attracting new customers that seek an easy-to-use, reliable, and scalable compliance call recording solution to meet their obligations.

To find out more, contact us today.

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