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Compliancy Call Recording for Microsoft Teams

Compliancy Call Recording for Microsoft Teams

Call recording is a crucial and relevant topic for businesses today. Organisations have to contend with regulatory compliance especially with more countries introducing strict rules. Besides, they have to consider the constantly changing mix of enterprise communications channels. It is no longer enough to record calls on one or two channels because business communication is spreading out over multiple channels.

Microsoft Teams

There is no lack of new enterprise communications and collaboration tools. Microsoft Teams is one such example. This tool represents an upgrade from the existing Skype for Business software that many organisations rely on for collaboration. Teams encompasses so much more than video calling and conferencing. It was built to be the ultimate collaborative tool for teams within the workplace – and to complement widespread user adoption of other Microsoft applications.

Microsoft launched Teams as a new service worldwide in 2017. Since launch, the Teams product has gained many updates. It is included as part of the Office 365 subscription that many businesses already pay for. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that Teams adoption is rising steadily among enterprises.

Large enterprises are not the only users switching to MS Teams. Thanks to the addition of the free version, even smaller organisations are using Teams for fast collaboration. Many businesses started using it because their clients do so and discover the benefits of the platform on the way.

But that is not the sole reason for organisations to adopt Teams. This product expands on the existing capabilities that Skype for Business users are familiar with. It integrates calling, conferencing, chats, files, and apps into a single integrated application.

Teams allow users to join through their Teams app, via URL or an invitation. It also supports conferencing with PSTN numbers.

MS Teams Adoption is growing

Many existing customers of Skype for Business have already transitioned to Teams for its richer experience. Recent data shows that Teams now has 20 million daily active users, which is a 50% increase in just over 4 months[1]. With adoption rates skyrocketing, more and more companies must ensure their recording solution can handle Teams as well. No organisation wants a separate call recording system for every channel that is added to the enterprise mix. There is a need for a single solution that can serve all platforms.

Recording Microsoft Teams Calls

As Teams becomes an integral part of enterprise communications, companies will have to find a way to record calls made on the platform. Calls made on the platform can be from teams to teams, federated calls between several companies, and external calls over PSTN / PLMN networks. Each of these kinds of calls need to be recorded. It is vital for businesses that need to comply with regulations. It is also important for those organisations that rely on recording calls for analysis and insights. Given the seamless integration of Teams with Office products, there is every chance of losing valuable information if a business cannot record calls on this channel.

There are several considerations for companies when it comes to recording calls made within Teams. The product enables conferencing with PSTN numbers as well as VoIP calls. Members can schedule meetings or conduct ad-hoc discussions on vital topics, so, any recording solution must be easy to use and seamless.

When it comes to compliance, businesses need to take additional measures. For instance, MiFID II mandates that customer calls should be stored for at least five years - so organisations also need to consider storage and retrieval processes. Additionally, they need to have stringent security measures to ensure that only authorised personnel have access to the recorded data.

Touch Call Recording Service

Businesses have to consider security, ease-of-use, accessibility, and compliance requirements when it comes to recording calls in Teams. Fortunately, the Touch Call Recording Service is the ideal solution. It is a managed service that covers the entire range of enterprise communications - from fixed lines and VoIP to the latest MS Teams. Whether employees use instant messaging or group voice calls to communicate, the Touch service can record the conversation.

The Touch service is seamless and records all calls automatically. There is no room for user error since employees do not have to do anything. It features an intuitive interface for authorised personnel to access and retrieve recorded calls. Businesses will never lose access to their data, even in an emergency.

The Touch service is fully managed, which means businesses do not need new hardware to support call recording for Teams. They also do not need additional employees to manage the system. It is a single solution that can record calls on multiple enterprise platforms, allowing businesses to track conversations even as they move across channels. Whether businesses record calls for compliance or quality assurance purposes, the Touch service satisfies all the important considerations, offering a complete solution for integrating Teams into recording policies and programmes.

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