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Call recording for telecoms operators – a secure, managed service

Call recording for telecoms operators – a secure, managed service

Call recording is valuable service that is required in many industries. With business users increasingly using mobile, why not add a market-leading managed call recording service to your B2B portfolio? Touch Call Recording Service is a network-based solution that allows operators to offer advanced managed call recording services to their business customers, easily and flexibly.

Mobile networks can also support hosted PBX functionality.  This enables telecom operators to offer advanced communication and collaboration services to their business customers, in turn increasing their own revenues. For businesses, PBX services offer the functionality of an on-premise PBX system, with better operational costs and with much greater flexibility and scalability.

The flexibility offered by combining mobile telephony and hosted PBX allows enterprises to provide multi-channel communications services to all employees, including remote and flexible workers, with the ability to add new features and services on demand. As a result, RESEARCH AND MARKETS forecasts that the global Hosted PBX market will grow from $5.3 billion in 2020 to around S$13.5 billion by 2027[1].

At the same time, many B2B users also place business calls over their mobile and other devices – bringing these all together under a unified call recording service solves many compliance challenges for such customers.

Growing demand for hosted call recording services

With the growing need to record mobile and fixed-line voice calls for compliance, audit, dispute resolution, training, personal data obligations and requirements, one of the most important hosted services that could also be offered by operators is call recording.

Call recording not only enables organisations to meet complex regulatory and legislative requirements, but it can also enhance customer service through retrospective analysis of calls and improve overall business efficiency by unlocking the value hidden in the large volumes of calls and data that organisations store.

However, many operators and service providers cannot prioritise or allocate the necessary resources to develop a class-leading call recording service. That’s where Touch can help.

A network-based call recording solution for telecom operators

Touch Call Recording Service is a complete, network-based call-recording solution for telecoms service providers that enables operators and service providers to offer a complete, hosted call-recording service to their clients and customers, irrespective of the infrastructure and devices connected.

Because Touch Call Recording Service records calls directly within the network, setting up the service is quick and easy, and requires no time-intensive or expensive deployment from the operator. We take care of the integration – so you can launch a new, compliance call recording service for your B2B customers.

That’s why we are a certified partner to a growing number of telecoms operators - please contact us for references.

Secure, certified hosted call recording

Our service is maintained as part of an ISO27001 certified information system, backed by a high availability SLA (Service Level Agreement) that is required by the industry. All recordings are secure, with state-of-the-art encryption methods, and can be held as long as demanded by relevant legislation – or for as long as your customers require. Notably, our data centres are fully powered by hydroelectricity (which can help business customers to meet their own CSR / ESG objectives).

Hosted call recording for your business customers

Access to, and retrieval of, files from the database is enabled by an easy-to-use, intuitive Web-Portal – with access strictly limited to employees according to their permissions rights.

Touch has a strong heritage of working with telecoms service providers enabling them to offer rich, seamless call recording service to their business customers in any vertical industry. Touch Call Recording Service for Telecoms Operators is a complete solution for recording fixed and mobile calls in telephone networks, offering rich integration possibilities along with high service quality, functionality and predictable costs.

It’s fully compliant with MiFID II, Dodd-Frank and GDPR, as well as all other legal, statutory and industry requirements. If you’re an operator looking to offer your business customers a class-leading hosted call recording service, contact Touch today to find out more.



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Call recordings are a treasure trove of customer information and strategic insight. Touch Quality Management Service (QMS) can help your organisation unlock the hidden value in your call recordings and provide a holistic view of customer behaviour.

Are call recording data silos holding your business back?

Many organisations struggle with silos of call recording data built over years, and often stored in proprietary formats. Touch offers an automated data migration service that can transport your data silos onto our modern, unified, comprehensive call recording platform as a service, and provide operational and strategic excellence to your business.

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