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Are you still struggling to meet your GDPR obligations? Touch can help.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced in Europe over four years ago. But many organisations are still struggling to not only understand their obligations, but also to store, organise, and retrieve customer conversations across multiple communications channels. Found how Touch Call Recording Service can take the headache away.

Over four years on from the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), many businesses are still struggling with specific aspects of the requirements, including the “right to be forgotten”, deletion, data transfer and even retrieving individual data from within the organisation.

Struggling to adhere to GDPR compliance?

According to the IAPP-EY Annual Privacy Governance Report 2021, which surveyed over 470 privacy professionals throughout Europe, 63% of respondents at GDPR-applicable organisations said that they were either fully compliant or very compliant with GDPR requirements[1]. Conversely, 29% said they were only “moderately” or “somewhat” compliant with GDPR, suggesting that organisations of all sizes are still grappling with GDPR challenges.

Worryingly, nearly half (47%) said locating an individual’s data within the organisation was the most difficult data subject request to deal with. The most common requests were correction/rectification requests (28%), do-not-sell requests (28%), processing restrictions and objections (24%), and data portability requests (14%).

When it comes to data subject requests, most organisations (58%) said they take at least a few days, nearly 25% take a week, and only 22% can process data requests within a day or two. More than half of organisations handle data requests manually. While this survey represents just a snapshot, many organisations still find GDPR a time-consuming burden.

GDPR impacts organisations of all sizes

At the same time, organisations interact with customers, colleagues, and partners across an increasing array of communications channels, from fixed and mobile voice calls and chat right through to enterprise apps such as MS Teams and Bloomberg. One of the main components of GDPR is the requirement to ensure that calls and digital communications are not just recorded but are also recorded with the express permission of the individual.

Effectively, any organisation that collects, processes or stores data on customers and individuals is likely to fall under GDPR jurisdiction, and organisations of all sizes are struggling to keep up.

What’s required is from a call recording perspective is a unified platform with easy access, secure storage, and an enterprise-wide platform that records calls and conversations automatically, enables quick and simple on-boarding, and meets all compliance and regulatory requirements across multiple channels.

Touch Call Recording Service for GDPR compliance

Touch Call Recording Service is an easy-to-deploy and a comprehensive compliance platform. Our service covers more than 50 different communications channels, including fixed and mobile calls, MS Teams, chat, SMS, and multiple industry enterprise applications. It meets all compliance requirements including GDPR, MiFID, and Dodd-Frank, as well as international and industry-specific regulations and legislation.

Users can be on-boarded quick and easy by authorised administrators. Once on-boarded, individual calls are automatically recorded without the need for user intervention. On completion of a call or digital conversation, the recordings are accessible in Touch Web-Portal with the metadata from the call.

Responding to access to information and right to erasure requests is easy via our browser-based intuitive interface. Calls and recordings can be searched using multiple parameters – but only authorised personnel can search and retrieve information, with all activities logged, making the whole process transparent and accountable.

Future-proof GDPR compliance from Touch

Touch performs ongoing testing of our own KPIs to ensure that our service is fail-proof, offering exceptional levels of service and performance to your business. We also invest resources in our technology and compliance roadmap, which ensures that the technology and services we provide are state-of-the-art and that any changes to existing compliance requirements, or the introduction of new ones, are directly represented in our compliance services. 

With decades of experience helping multinational organisations and SMEs to meet GDPR and other compliance and legislative requirements, Touch can take the headache away. We even offer a unique, automated data translation and migration service that can remove legacy data siloes, regardless of storage format and encryption type, and migrate all data onto our single, comprehensive platform and store it in an open, non-proprietary format, ensuring that you can face the future with confidence.

What are you waiting for? Don’t delay, contact us now to find out how we can help you meet your GDPR and industry compliance challenges.


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Are call recording data silos holding your business back?

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Call Recording as a Service with proven on-premise and hosted PBX integration

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