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Are call recording data silos holding your business back?

Are call recording data silos holding your business back?

Many organisations struggle with silos of call recording data built over years, and often stored in proprietary formats. Touch offers an automated data migration service that can transport your data silos onto our modern, unified, comprehensive call recording platform as a service, and provide operational and strategic excellence to your business.

Data silos can impact the daily operations of your compliance programme, reducing efficiency, and productivity at organisations of all sizes. On a basic level, siloed data is often a reflection of a siloed culture, which can mean that the left arm of the business is operating independently of the right arm – creating a lack of efficiency throughout the organisation.

But siloed data has a direct impact across the board. First, if data has been collected using different processes or protocols or stored in different formats, data analysis becomes needlessly challenging. Businesses hold large volumes of information within their data and those that harness it wisely can gain significant advantages, such as customer insights, increasing customer retention, improving customer service and experience, making better marketing decisions, and even predicting potential sales trends.

Siloed data is detrimental to every part of your business

Silos of recording data also creates a challenge when it comes to accessing and retrieving information. If an organisation doesn’t have a coherent data storage strategy, how can it be sure that it is meeting compliance obligations around personal data, for example? An inability to access historical data can also lead to wrong business decision-making.

Organisations need an over-arching, coherent, consistent, and robust process for collecting and storing all forms of data – and not just for compliance reasons. Call recording is no exception.

Many organisations are likely to have thousands of recorded calls, which may have been stored over a long period of time. A dispute resolution, auditing, or meeting compliance obligations can be a significant challenge. How can the data be harnessed for strategic growth and operational improvement if nobody knows where, and how, it has been stored?

But many organisations struggle with such challenges. Maybe the thought of reformatting and restoring large volumes of call records is too daunting? Or maybe your organisation lacks the resources and expertise to know even where to begin? Fortunately, that’s where Touch can help.

An automated, data migration service unfazed by proprietary formats and legacy encryption

Touch has over a decade of experience in helping organisations, including the largest enterprises, to reformat, migrate and restore recorded calls and data into a single, comprehensive call recording platform. Importantly, even proprietary encrypted data can be migrated.

Over the years, we have developed a unique process that can convert proprietary recordings into a standardised format with open standards – such as WAV, MP3, AMR, or any other format according to your requirements. Importantly, all the metadata associated with each file is also migrated as part of the call recording. Our process can also handle any data encryption issues.

Say goodbye to data silos and gain operational excellence

Our data migration and multichannel call recording service erases all data silos, resulting in a unified, non-proprietary repository for all your recorded data. Search and access are simple, using our intuitive Web Portal, with data searchable with multiple parameters. All searches performed by authorised personnel are logged providing optimum transparency and accountability.

The Touch Call Recording Service is fully compliant with regulations and legislation such as MiFID II, GDPR, Dodd-Frank, and can be configured to meet any industry regulation or other legislation. Touch is proud to state that we continually update our solutions to ensure that any new or amended regulations are instantly included. We also proactively monitor our own service assurance on a 24x7 basis, aiming for 100% availability and uptime – our excellence means your excellence.

The business benefits of a unified call recording platform

Of course, it’s not just for meeting compliance obligations – there are multiple business benefits to migrating siloed call recordings onto a single, comprehensive platform. A consistent, organisation-wide call recording strategy supports:

  1. Operational streamlining, consistent data collection, and richer data analysis.
  2. Enhanced business efficiency and insight, with improved ability to harness the hidden value in your data.
  3. No hassle business evolution and growth, for example through merger or acquisition.
  4. Better-informed decision making.
  5. Enhanced training of customer-facing staff, who can learn from historical call experiences.
  6. Customer service excellence.
  7. Future-proof call recording.

Touch has years of experience managing complex call recording data migrations from legacy systems and proprietary formats. Migrating siloed call recording data to a modern unified call recording platform enables you to meet all your compliance, quality assurance and strategic objectives, and provides enhanced efficiency, strategic insight, and business excellence. Get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

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