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Another leading enterprise in the financial sector chooses Touch for compliance recording

Another leading enterprise in the financial sector chooses Touch for compliance recording

A Tier 1 bank in the Nordic region, with a heritage of several hundred years and a focus on “best-in-class omnichannel customer experience” and sustainability, turned to Touch Call Recording Service to meet its compliance recording requirements.

Touch is proud to welcome the leading Nordic bank as a new customer of our comprehensive Touch Call Recording Service, with the delivery of mobile compliance recording for hundreds of users. As the largest bank in the region, it has a 200-year history of supporting and growing Nordic economies and organisations. The announcement highlights the bank’s trust in Touch and our ability to enable unified call recording and compliance, now and in the future.

Like Touch, the bank also has a strong focus on sustainability and plays a leading role in supporting its customers to transition to ‘net zero’ with a focus on investments in new green technologies and a move away from carbon-intensive industries. Likewise, all of Touch’s data centres are 100% hydro-powered, meaning the two companies are aligned in terms of our corporate responsibility goals and aims.

Omnichannel customer experience with Touch Call Recording Service

The bank has also updated its business priorities and targets, with creating the best omnichannel customer experience at the top of its list. The bank aims ensure that it offers a personal touch and to always be available to its customers (which include personal banking, business banking and large enterprise clients), whether they prefer to interact through its digital services or in person.

The bank understood Touch’s heritage as the first organisation in the region to offer call recording as a service, and our experience and expertise in helping organisations around the world to meet their omnichannel compliance obligations, as well as enabling call recording for capabilities such as agent training, audit trails, dispute resolution, and many others.

In addition to mobile call recording, the Touch Call Recording Service covers more than 50 different channels, including:

  • Fixed network call recording
  • SMS and chat
  • Enterprise applications, such as Bloomberg and Refinitiv Messenger
  • General enterprise applications, such as MS Teams
  • PBX integrations, including Cisco, Mitel, and Avaya, among others.

It just works

Importantly, our call recording functionality is integrated with the telecoms network and all other relevant communications channels, meaning that there is no requirement for time-consuming and costly software or hardware upgrades. On-boarding of new employees and business departments is quick and easy, with Touch Call Recording Service capable of being tailored to meet specific business needs or requirements throughout the organisation.

The service is also ‘tamper-proof’ – employees cannot turn call recording on or off one on-boarded. Approved administrators within the organisation have full centralised control over the calls and digital communications that are recorded. It means that the service sits in the background recording calls without any input required from the employee. Put simply, it just works.

As soon as the call is complete the recording is available in Touch Web-Portal for approved users, end-users, as well as compliance officers and administrators. The service includes a complete audit trail and extensive logging of all user activity.

The bank has already noted its satisfaction with the usability of the web portal, the training provided, and the experience of the Touch support team.

Deep expertise in financial compliance requirements

Touch offers a wealth of expertise when it comes to meeting compliance obligations. The bank must meet several compliance and legislative requirements including MiFID II in Europe and Dodd-Frank in the US. Of course, all organisations are also required to meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It means that the bank’s compliance officers can rest assured that its voice and digital communications are recorded, stored securely and tamper-proof, and meet all necessary compliance and business requirements.

And, because we work in partnership with our customers, sharing our knowledge and expertise, the bank will benefit from our own heritage now and as it evolves. Touch Call Recording Service can be tailored to meet new requirements, including scalability, new compliance rules, and changing business needs.

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The call recording obligations enforced by the Dodd-Frank Act extend well beyond the US. Are you compliant?

The Dodd-Frank Act was enacted in the US in 2010 following the financial crash and government bailouts of a few years earlier. It was introduced to increase transparency and accountability in the financial industry - and to limit the risk of it ever happening again. But its influence is by no means restricted to US firms, and compliance requires significant resources. Touch Call Recording Service offers a solution.

Protecting your historical recordings with Touch’s managed migration process

Many organisations have large amounts of historical call recordings and metadata they retain for ongoing quality assurance programmes and compliance purposes. Typically, many have unwittingly built up siloes of call data over many years, which is likely to be in a proprietary format. If it’s time to upgrade your call recording service, Touch can help to translate and migrate your legacy data into an open and unified format.

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