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Achieving GDPR compliance with your Genesys Cloud contact centre solution with Touch

Achieving GDPR compliance with your Genesys Cloud contact centre solution with Touch

Genesys Cloud has become a popular choice for businesses as their contact centre – and has also evolved to become a centralised engagement hub that spans the entire omnichannel customer journey. For businesses that leverage Genesys Cloud, Touch Call Recording Service is widely used as the integrated recording solution to meet all GDPR requirements and to meet compliance obligations.

Contact centres are evolving to become a centralised engagement hub that spans the entire omnichannel customer journey, and organisations need to keep pace with these demands, as well as ensuring that they meet their compliance obligations.

Organisations looking to provide exceptional customer service are increasingly turning to contact-centre-as-a-service (CCaaS) platforms to unify customer experiences across multiple channels.

From a customer perspective, multichannel communication is an absolute requirement – for example, research by US-based analyst company Softtek shows that companies providing an omnichannel customer experience maintain 89% of their customers on average, compared to only 33% customer retention rates at companies who don’t[1]

Providing exceptional customer service

As organisations increasingly understand the significance and benefits of providing an optimised customer experience – both in terms of business profit and brand reputation – many are turning to CCaaS platforms such as Genesys Cloud, to ensure that they can meet operational expectations.

In fact, research analysts at Forrester recently named Genesys as a ‘Forrester Wave’ leader in contact centre service in 1Q23[2]. Its Genesys Cloud platform received excellent scores, placing it alongside providers such as Amazon Web Services.

In the second quarter of fiscal 2024 (up to 31 July 2023), Genesys noted that its cloud platform had surpassed 1 million users and revenue for its solution had grown 50% year-on-year. Such figures reflect a broader and growing demand for CCaaS platforms and solutions.

Seamless call recording and compliance

A major component of providing excellent customer service is call recording, which can be used to monitor and improve customer conversations and experiences, optimise agent training, provide an audit trail, help to resolve disputes, and of course ensure compliance with personal data privacy obligations – the most notable example being the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

That’s why Touch Call Recording Service provides integrations with Genesys Cloud – along with over 50 other communications systems and telecoms operators, to meet these requirements. As well as helping organisations to ensure quality monitoring and assurance, and customer advisor training, Touch has helped numerous Genesys Cloud customers to meet their GDPR obligations by securing personal data.

GDPR stipulates that call recordings must be automatic, secure, tamper-proof, easily accessible, and securely stored – with the ability to delete data either on customer request (known as ‘the right to be forgotten’) or when the data is no longer appropriate, such as at the end of a customer contract.

Touch Call Recording as a complete managed service offers a comprehensive, fully integrated approach to ensuring compliance with GDPR and other personal or financial data regulations. It can record and securely store call recordings and digital communications across more than 50 channels, including Genesys, MS Teams, chat, fixed and mobile voice calls, and enterprise PBX solutions, such as Avaya, Cisco, and Mitel.

Tamper-proof and secure Genesys call recording with Touch

An essential component of our service is that it is completely tamper-proof – agents can be on-boarded quickly by designated administrators.

Customer advisors cannot turn the service off once on-boarded and only have access to recorded calls based on their given access rights – for example, an agent or advisor might only be given access to their own recordings, a team leader to those recordings involving team members, while administrators can access all recorded files (assigning access-level rights is fully customisable).

All recordings, both calls and chats, are immediately encrypted using a two-stage, fully compliant encryption process. Access to files can be assigned to trusted personnel, with each search being logged by user, time, date, and so on to provide complete transparency.

Touch Call Recording Service provides seamless integration with Genesys Cloud, enabling not just optimised customer service and experience, but also ensuring compliance with GDPR and other regulations. To find out more about we can ensure GDPR compliance for Genesys solutions, and 50 other channels and applications, contact us today.




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