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A holistic approach to multi-channel call recording with Refinitiv Messenger

A holistic approach to multi-channel call recording with Refinitiv Messenger

Refinitiv Messenger is a multi-channel collaborative tool for the financial industry, which means that meeting compliance obligations requires a comprehensive call recording strategy.

Refinitiv Messenger is one of the most commonly used enterprise applications in the financial services industry, with a directory of over 310,000 validated financial professionals at more than 40,000 organisations in over 190 countries around the world.

Refinitiv Messenger: a multi-channel collaboration tool

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Refinitiv Messenger provides access to real-time market data and news, financial trading and analytics, as well as a comprehensive real-time messaging tool available as a desktop client, smartphone app or via a Web interface.

The Refinitiv Messenger app is available on iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices and is automatically synchronised across all clients, and so provides an open, secure collaboration tool for the global financial community via a single interface that allows instant messaging networks to operate seamlessly with each other.

It also provides APIs for integration into other applications and services so that Refinitiv Messenger users can communicate with consumer IM networks, such as AOL, Instant Messenger, Yahoo and MSN, as well as offering enterprise connectivity to users on Microsoft Office, Cisco Jabber, and more. As a result, Refinitiv Messenger is an essential productivity and communications tool.

Meeting compliance obligations with Refinitiv Messenger

But, such comprehensive connectivity, of course, comes with the obligation to log, record, store and access chat conversations to meet compliance obligations such as MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, GDPR, PDPA and others, across multiple channels.

Employees and customers now use a variety of channels for communication, which means that compliance needs to be guaranteed across the board, and must cover all devices and applications regardless of location.

So, how can organisations integrate recording capabilities across multiple chat applications and services quickly and easily and record and store them in a consistent fashion to meet their compliance obligations?

Because multiple channels are often used alongside Refinitiv Messenger, it’s essential that all communications channels are integrated into a comprehensive recording environment. It’s not enough to record individual channels in isolation: organisations need to consider how to integrate all digital channels across the organisation. This requires a holistic approach that connects all data silos to ensure absolute coverage with no compliance gaps.

Touch Call Recording Service for Refinitiv Messenger

Touch Call Recording Service solves this problem by providing a comprehensive solution for the recording of Refinitiv  Messenger and other chat applications. Touch can also adapt to any other chat interface that organisations may be using. It provides a single portal to manage all access and security from every channel in your business, including Refinitiv Messenger – saving operational overhead and simplifying management.

Touch automatically consolidates all resulting recordings into a single storage repository, for ease of management, access and greater security, with no user input required. It ‘just works’, with minimal user input.

And, because the solution is delivered as a managed service, it requires no additional infrastructure or complex installation – chat conversations are simply captured and stored as with all associated metadata – minimising cost and disruption. At the same time, users can be on-boarded or removed from the service quickly and easily.

Automatic, secure call recording from Touch

It’s also secure. All communications are stored in a highly secure, massively scalable and geo-redundant storage service. It means that the entire customer dialog – including recorded mobile calls, fixed calls and chats – are automatically recorded, encrypted, and securely stored.

Files are available for future retrieval within an intuitive web interface. The web portal allows users – with restricted access control – to perform advanced searches, enabling them to access and retrieve conversations quickly and easily. Access is logged, and can be controlled and, if required, even the end customer can be given access to their data.

Touch can also be adapted to any other chat interface that you may be using, meaning that all of your communications are compliant in a single solution that requires no installation or capital expenditure. It’s the ideal solution for today’s multi-channel communications environment.

So, if you’re concerned about how to record Refinitiv Messenger chat alongside other channels, why not talk to us today and find out how we can help?

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