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2021: another landmark year for Touch and our community

2021: another landmark year for Touch and our community

We would like to say ‘Happy New Year’ to Touch Call Recording customers, partners, and colleagues. We wish you every success in 2022.

2021 was full of significant milestones for our complete managed call recording service offering. We’d like to share a few with you, as we reflect on the past year – and look ahead.

Strong growth

2021 saw Touch further cementing its position as the market leader for call recording services in the Nordics. A further 64 new customers were enrolled into our already extensive community.

Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams

Compliance recording for Microsoft Teams has become the most sought-after new communication channel in the Touch range. Over the course of last year, we had requests from interested customers in Brazil, Nigeria, India, Singapore, and most European countries.

Because we offer certified, proven Microsoft integration, we were able to onboard all new customers in just a few days – providing seamless activation. On-demand recording for Microsoft Teams was also introduced to support those with a mixed client portfolio and the need for intermittent call recording rather than the classical ‘always record’ model and delivering new levels of flexibility.

QMS for contact centres

For our contact centre customers, the Quality Management Service (QMS) feature for customer call evaluation, employee development, and coaching has become widely adopted and a very welcome addition to our feature set. We’re being told that’s because it’s an important driver for enhancing customer satisfaction, while also increasing the value of call recordings as a strategic asset.

Single Sign-On/Microsoft AD

Integration with Microsoft Active Directory (and other systems for single sign-on user authentication) has also been delivered at several large enterprise customers. Via that integration, user access gets handled by the existing processes of our customers, easing onboarding, and providing a seamless, unified approach to policy control.

More channels

Touch supports 50 communications and telecom operator services today, but that’s never a fixed number: we always look to support new channels. In the last few months, integration with Telenor Sweden, Amazon Connect, and Genesys Cloud have been announced. Watch out for more in 2022.

So, thanks once again to all our customers, partners and team. Watch out for more Touch innovation in 2022.

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