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Why Microsoft Teams recording requires an integrated approach to ensure compliance

MS Teams is one of the most popular collaboration apps available today. But, despite having its own policy-based call recording capability, it does not meet compliance requirements, unlike Touch Call Recording Service.

Meeting NIS2 and DORA compliance with Touch Call Recording Service

NIS2 and DORA are two new EU-wide regulations that will affect millions of organisations based in, and offering services to, the EU bloc – and have a direct impact on call recording and compliance programmes. Are you ready?

Speech Analytics to enable continuous customer experience quality monitoring and assurance with Touch QMS

AI-driven Speech Analytics is a fast-growing tool for continuous customer experience quality monitoring and assurance, and can help to optimise the customer experience and, ultimately, to increase customer satisfaction.

Ensuring good practice for compliance recording

Deploying a call recording solution for compliance and training purposes is just the first step. Compliance is an on-going commitment that should incorporate best practices and over-arching compliance policies and strategies. Touch provides a complete service that ensures all of your bases are covered.

On-demand recording mode for Microsoft Teams

On-demand recording is integral to the Touch Call Recording Service, which offers tight integration with MS Teams. Its flexibility allows organisations to switch recording mode at the touch of a button.

Ensure compliance by working with a specialist partner

Regulatory compliance is a complex challenge that applies to any organisation that collects, processes, or stores personal or financial data. For many it’s beyond their in-house capabilities, so it’s important to ensure that you work with an expert partner that can offer knowledge and expertise in meeting all forms of compliance, regulatory, and legislative obligations.

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