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Call recording service for contact centres

Touch Call Recording Service for Contact Centres is uniquely optimised to provide a comprehensive solution to the challenges of recording voice and digital media in the contact centre.

Call recording has been standard practice in the contact centre industry for many years. Recordings help staff training as well as quality management and can be used to optimise and boost operational performance.

  • A solution for the omni-channel world

    As the number of contact points has grown, embracing chat, mail and more, many legacy contact and call centre recording solutions are no longer fit for purpose and cannot deliver the performance required in today’s omni-channel world. A different contact centre recording solution is required: Touch.

    Touch Call Recording Service for Contact Centres provides a complete, hosted service that evolves and adapts, spanning voice and digital media, to ensure that recordings cover all forms of customer interaction. It puts all recorded media into a secure, safe storage facility, which offers full geographic redundancy, ensuring that recordings are protected and included in all disaster recovery plans.

  • A long-term evolving roadmap

    Touch offers an evolving roadmap, which means it stays ahead of changing market requirements. With Touch, you secure access to a market-leading service from a dedicated team of specialists, so you can focus on your core business.

    Touch Call Recording Service takes care of all data protection requirements, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation, such as GDPR. Integrating Touch helps contact centres ensure continuous learning, driving development and efficiency, and performance optimisation.

  • QMS – an automated service to enhance team skills

    In addition to the proven, scalable and comprehensive call recording capabilities, Touch also offers a valuable additional service, called Touch QMS. QMS is an automated, structured service that enables staff who speak with customers via the phone to improve their interaction skills through structured call analytics.

    So, if you need to update your contact centre recording capabilities and to fully embrace the omni-channel experience, why not find out how Touch can help you evolve, without disruption and with the confidence to deliver a rich, omni-channel experience to your staff and customers?

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