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How to record calls on an Apple iPhone

Apple’s iPhone has become a global phenomenon and, while popular with consumers, has also become popular with enterprise and business users. Many businesses need to record calls, for compliance, training and quality assurance purposes – the only way to record calls for business purposes is through network-based solutions. Read on for more.

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The rise of omni-channel - why legacy call recording solutions are no longer fit for purpose

Businesses and organisations must cope with a growing diversity of interaction channels with their customers. From fixed to mobile to social media and chat, the challenge of maintaining fluent, seamless conversations has grown. For businesses and organisations that need to record voice calls for compliance and customer service purposes, this creates a serious headache. Can your recording platform keep up? Read our paper to find out what you need to know about omni-channel recording.

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Mobile call recording and legal compliance

Today's businesses use a mix of different channels for communicating between employees and customers. With the transition to telecommuting and working from home for part of the workforce, it is no longer feasible to only use fixed lines for voice communications. As a result, most organisations are also using mobile devices, alongside VoIP lines and their computers to make calls. As a result, businesses that record all calls between their teams and customers must also consider adding mobile devices to the recording solution.

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Compliancy Call Recording for Microsoft Teams

Call recording is a crucial and relevant topic for businesses today. Organisations have to contend with regulatory compliance especially with more countries introducing strict rules. Besides, they have to consider the constantly changing mix of enterprise communications channels. It is no longer enough to record calls on one or two channels because business communication is spreading out over multiple channels.

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How your business will benefit from device-independent mobile call recording

Business communication has evolved considerably over the last few decades. Despite this, voice calls are still the most popular form of enterprise communication – but, how businesses use voice has changed dramatically. The rise of mobile phones has altered the landscape beyond recognition. Of course, many still retain and use bulky desk phones, but mobile has rapidly become the preferred device for many. In 2020, people expect to communicate – both internally and with customers – from anywhere in the world.

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