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Call recording as a service

Call Centre as a Service is growing - why not start using Call Recording as a Service too?

Gartner reports that Contact Center as a Service is maturing fast, which means more companies will move their customer interaction to the cloud. When reviewing options, why not also consider Call Recording as a Service?

Right to erasure

When do I need to meet my GDPR ‘Right to Erasure’ obligation?

Individuals now have the ‘Right to Erasure’ – also known as the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ – which means they can ask data controllers to delete the information they hold on them. This is regulated under Article 17 of the GDPR.

Call recording strategy

Key factors to consider when planning your call recording strategy

The obligation for organisations to record fixed and mobile calls, as well as digital communications, has grown dramatically in recent years in order to comply with regulatory mandates, enhance staff training and development, and create a richer set of auditable records, across all communication sources.

Are you protected?

Are you protected from your own employees under GDPR?

Subject Access Requests (SARs) under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have become a challenge for any organisation that handles and processes personal data.

Access to personal data

GDPR grants customers access to personal data (call recordings) “without delay”

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in 2018 introduced a multitude of new obligations on all companies, which already have a significant impact on the way they handle and process data.

Mobile call recording

Best possible mobile call recording ensures organisational compliance on any device, anywhere

Mobile first is a communication strategy that is spreading. The move towards mobile is undeniably reshaping the face of business - but, as well as extending enterprise mobility and flexibility for workers, it also brings challenges.

Keeping pace with digital communications channels – how we have extended our recording capabilities

Companies use more and more digital communications channels to keep in touch with their customers. That can be a problem, as it means more dialogues and more media to record. Don’t worry though, Touch has you covered!

Does your Eikon Messenger meet your compliance obligations?

Does your Eikon Messenger meet your organisation’s compliance obligations?

Eikon Messenger is a global communication and data platform used by more than 300,000 financial services professionals around the world to access to real time market data, news, fundamental data, analytics, trading and messaging tools. Eikon Messenger is delivered by Refinitiv, formerly the Financial and Risk business of Thomson Reuters.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Will Drive Customer Relationships in Future

The idea that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will become key enablers for leveraging the huge volumes of data that organisations now hold on their customers is not a new one.

Festive season

Are your Contact Centres ready for the crazy Festive season with gift advisory before Christmas and return in the New Year?

Christmas is traditionally the most significant selling season of the year for many retailers. In fact, many organisations – and some entire industries – rely on the Festive boom to boost their success over the full year.

MiFID II compliance obligations

With the Nordic FinTech market booming, how can you be sure to meet your MiFID II compliance obligations?

The Nordic Financial Technology (FinTech) sector is growing rapidly. In 2017 alone, more than €450 million was invested in Nordic fintech, according to the Nordic Tech List. The region is becoming known as one of the world’s leading cashless societies.

Touch Coach Insights

Touch QMS provides rich insight into the performance of individual customer representatives and teams, measuring and optimising performance and training

Quality management is one of the biggest challenges facing call and contact centres, as well as outbound sales centres. Ensuring that individuals and teams have a structured training schedule and, importantly, are performing to the required level and meeting strategic targets and goals is time-consuming - and challenging to evaluate.

Service uptime

How does Touch ensure service uptime and quality levels for you?

For any organisation providing a service – whether for internal strategic reasons or for customers – it’s essential that they monitor and optimise the uptime and quality of that service, in real-time and on a 24x7 basis. While they may have full visibility into their IT network, it’s often very difficult for an organisation to monitor and measure the levels of service being received by a customer or end user.

Touch Coach

Touch QMS provides structured Quality Management for evaluating and improving the performance of customer and sales teams

According to a recent survey of 8,000 adults from Ipsos, more than three-quarters (77 per cent) of consumers have chosen a product or service from a company because of a good experience they had with it. Conversely, 64 per cent have avoided a brand because of a bad experience.

GDPR deadline

Don’t panic if you’re still struggling with your GDPR obligations! Touch can help.

If you are a small or medium businesses still struggling to get on top of your obligations to comply with the far-reaching EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), don’t panic, you’re not alone… and help is at hand!

Voice call recording is not enough

When voice call recording is not enough

Call recording provides a valuable tool for monitoring the quality of customer services, training staff, resolving disputes, ensuring adherence to best practice, meeting SLAs, providing audit trails and, of course, to ensure compliance.

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