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Touch QMS provides rich insight into the performance of individual customer representatives and teams, measuring and optimising performance and training

Quality management is one of the biggest challenges facing call and contact centres, as well as outbound sales centres. Ensuring that individuals and teams have a structured training schedule and, importantly, are performing to the required level and meeting strategic targets and goals is time-consuming - and challenging to evaluate.

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How does Touch ensure service uptime and quality levels for you?

For any organisation providing a service – whether for internal strategic reasons or for customers – it’s essential that they monitor and optimise the uptime and quality of that service, in real-time and on a 24x7 basis. While they may have full visibility into their IT network, it’s often very difficult for an organisation to monitor and measure the levels of service being received by a customer or end user.

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When voice call recording is not enough

Call recording provides a valuable tool for monitoring the quality of customer services, training staff, resolving disputes, ensuring adherence to best practice, meeting SLAs, providing audit trails and, of course, to ensure compliance.

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Call and contact centres must offer exceptional customer service, while meeting GDPR voice and data recording requirements.

It’s widely accepted that the quality of customer service provided by an organisation can have a significant impact on brand reputation. A major component of that is poor call handling, which can also affect the perception a customer has of your organisation. In turn, this can ultimately lead to a loss of sales if the problem is severe or widespread enough.

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