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Are your Contact Centres ready for the crazy Festive season with gift advisory before Christmas and return in the New Year?

Festive season

Christmas is traditionally the most significant selling season of the year for many retailers. In fact, many organisations – and some entire industries – rely on the Festive boom to boost their success over the full year.

Sales increase dramatically as people purchase gifts and supplies to celebrate, and the buying period is starting earlier each year. According to Deloitte, for example, 30 per cent of internet users plan to make Christmas-related purchases in November or earlier, often attracted by discount offer periods.

This ‘time of plenty’, of course, has a knock-on effect for inbound call centres and customer support departments. Prior to Christmas, many centres are flooded with incoming questions about products and services, purchases, and deliveries. After Christmas, meanwhile, the flow of calls continues unabated as people raise support questions, query faulty items, request returns, and so on.

As a result, many organisations typically take on many more customer representative Advisor during this extended Festive period in their call and support centres in order to cope with this peak in demand.

This, of course, creates additional challenges for organisations, which need to scale up rapidly, while ensuring that agents are properly trained and that the company’s compliance obligations regarding call recording are still covered.

So, not only do contact centres need to be able to flex and scale and ensure on-going training and Quality Assurance, so too do the recording systems that help them to meet their compliance obligations. That’s where Touch can help and add value.

Touch Call Recording Service is a complete, multi-channel service for contact centres and customer care, providing a secure recording and storage service that covers over 35 voice and digital communications channels, including most enterprise-based contact centre platforms. Because it’s a service, it can easily scale with user demand, helping organisations to easily accommodate new users and temporary staff.

At the same time, organisations also need to ensure that they maintain the customer service quality and performance they deliver, so they need to carefully train the new and short-term staff.

To support this, Touch Quality Management Service, or QMS, is a comprehensive solution available to Touch Call Recording customers that supports Quality Assurance and the training of new agents.

Touch QMS enables structured employee training and performance monitoring, and contains all the capabilities required for evaluating employee performance and conversation scoring, as well as training schedules. It helps organisations to rapidly on-board new staff and ensure continuous performance management.

Touch has decades of experience helping customer-focused organisations to scale quickly and easily to meet fluctuations in business demand, while maintaining compliance. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Written on 03 December 2018
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