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Touch QMS provides rich insight into the performance of individual customer representatives and teams, measuring and optimising performance and training

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Quality management is one of the biggest challenges facing call and contact centres, as well as outbound sales centres. Ensuring that individuals and teams have a structured training schedule and, importantly, are performing to the required level and meeting strategic targets and goals is time-consuming - and challenging to evaluate.

What’s more, not only do organisations have to understand the performance of individuals, they must also do so for teams. They need insights that can allow them to do so, while also helping to understand how performance can be improved while ensuring the right resources are available. Data that can help achieve these goals is of immense value to businesses – but is often difficult to obtain and view through a single, consolidated interface.

Touch Quality Management Service, or QMS, is an optional extension that is available for Touch Call Recording customers. It allows contact centres, sales organisations and other customer-focused organisations to structure training, as well as to monitor and record employee performance by allowing them to score the conversations agents have with customers. It provides a complete data set that can be used to evaluate and enhance organisation, team and agent performance.

Touch QMS consists of a single portal with a number of interfaces to view specific data sets. For example, the advanced Score card capability provides aggregated scores for individuals and teams. These are then presented in intuitive charts that provide deep insights, and which can be used for training and reporting purposes.

The charts display the performance of a team or customer service representative over time, so progress can easily be determined, and goals tracked. Scores are shown as a percentage, and information according to different elements or categories within each call can also be displayed (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Score chart


The Scorecard section also provides insights into behaviour. Data for the four most recent quarters is presented, providing an ‘at-a-glance’ assessment of performance.

This can also help organisations understand the impact of training programmes. (See Figure 2). As a result, the dashboard instantly reveals any changes in performance – which can be addressed or rewarded.

Figure 2. Behaviour overview


Meanwhile, Touch QMS offers a benchmark feature that allows supervisors to compare the performance of a team or agent with that of another. In addition, pre-defined strategic benchmarks can also be created and compared (see Figure 3).

Figure 3. Benchmark


Finally, the Team overview screen displays the performance of all teams in the organisation. Scores are shown in percentages and highlight overall performance (total score) for each team, together with an indication of the number of completed evaluations (see Figure 4). This helps to ensure that evaluation programmes are followed effectively and allows organisations to balance training needs with service delivery demands.

Figure 4. Team overview


By understanding agent performance and productivity at such a granular level, organisations are presented with rich data that gives actionable insight for quality management programmes and to measure operational performance. This data gives a rich understanding of customer interactions and offers lessons for how it can be improved. In turn, this insight, can increase employee productivity and performance, helping organisations to ensure consistent and professional service – as well as to accelerate personal development and the onboarding of new team members.

Touch QMS empowers contact centre supervisors with rapid agent evaluation and scoring, real-time monitoring and policy control, conversation and screen capturing, enterprise-level reporting and intuitive dashboards. It helps leaders identify best practices, design effective trainings, spot service quality irregularities, and optimise resource allocation to improve the customer experience delivered. The results allow organisations to check that individual goals and targets are met, while also measuring performance against strategic objectives and targets.

In the battle to remain at the forefront of excellent customer service, Touch QMS provides Quality Management that helps organisations to gain real, actionable insight into the performance of their customer and sales representatives and teams. It’s a valuable addition to Touch Call Recording Service, delivering new insights and actionable intelligence to drive continuous performance improvement.

Written on 15 August 2018
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