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How does Touch ensure service uptime and quality levels for you?

Service uptime

For any organisation providing a service – whether for internal strategic reasons or for customers – it’s essential that they monitor and optimise the uptime and quality of that service, in real-time and on a 24x7 basis. While they may have full visibility into their IT network, it’s often very difficult for an organisation to monitor and measure the levels of service being received by a customer or end user.

As a result, service uptime monitoring is an essential tool for ensuring that the best possible quality levels are maintained, and that organisations can meet SLAs and deliver on their customer promises.

That’s why, in order to meet our own customer obligations, Touch operates two monitoring and surveillance centres to ensure that our customers receive the highest levels of service uptime and quality – Touch Support & Surveillance Centre in Halden, Norway (1st and 2nd line) monitors the Touch Call Recording service, while our Touch Operations & Maintenance Centre located in Trondheim, Norway (3rd line) monitors the production system.

Both centres monitor and survey our services on a 24/7 basis. Any errors – or other issues beyond our control, such as a telecoms network problem outside the remit of Touch – are instantly shown as an alarm on our operations dashboard at our Halden centre. Critical errors are reported via SMS or email.

Our Touch Support & Surveillance Centre in Halden uses MonitorAPM to constantly monitor and maintain the Touch Call Recording Service, to ensure that our customers receive the highest possible quality of service, without interruption or error.

MonitorAPM helps us to maintain complete visibility into, and control of, Touch Call Recording on an end-to-end basis. Call recordings, and their sources, are constantly monitored based on a set of customisable business rules. If for some reason recordings are not recorded as outlined by pre-set business rules, an alarm is instantly sent to our support centre in Halden, alerting our support team to any potential problems and enabling rapid resolution.

Of course, an incident does not necessarily mean that an error has occurred, rather some issue has triggered the strict business rules implemented, and so may need an operator’s attention. In this way, Touch can proactively find errors not reported by the production system or errors that occur outside the reach of our Nagios system, such as in an operator’s network.

As a result of our investments, our advanced service uptime management capabilities provide customers of Touch Call Recording Service with complete peace of mind. We proactively monitor our own service quality and resources, end-to-end, on a 24/7 basis, ensuring that you receive guaranteed uptime and optimum performance and service quality. We take care of this on behalf of our customers, which allows them to focus on meeting their business goals, rather than firefighting their own call recording system.

When you choose Touch, you receive more than a recording service – you get a service that’s fully assured and backed by the right tools to ensure the best performance.

Written on 24 July 2018
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