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Touch QMS provides structured Quality Management for evaluating and improving the performance of customer and sales teams

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According to a recent survey of 8,000 adults from Ipsos, more than three-quarters (77 per cent) of consumers have chosen a product or service from a company because of a good experience they had with it. Conversely, 64 per cent have avoided a brand because of a bad experience.

The importance of customer experience is not lost on most organisations. While multichannel customer service is growing rapidly, call and contact centres are still on the frontline of a brand’s perceived image.

One of the biggest challenges for call and contact centres, however, is providing quality management beyond random sampling of agent performance. How can organisations measure and evaluate agents that are underperforming, and provide a structured training schedule, while maintaining a focus on providing exceptional customer service?

Quality management allows contact centres and sales leaders to gain a deeper understanding of individual agent´s customer interactions by monitoring and evaluating individual interactions in order to boost productivity, resolve future customer disputes and subsequently enhance customer service.

Touch Quality Management Service, or QMS, is an optional extension is a Quality Management service available for Touch Call Recording customers. Contact centres, sales organisations and other customer-focused organisations can use QMS for structured employee training. QMS contains all the capabilities for evaluating employee performance and conversation scoring, as well as training schedules. The scoring results are aggregated and presented in intuitive charts to provide deep insights that can be used for training and reporting purposes.

QMS generates “Playlists” based on a set of customisable business rules. The Playlists feature contains a set of calls from agents that can then be evaluated. These Playlists are presented to the supervisor’s inbox at agreed intervals.

Calls can then be evaluated by the supervisor in their own time, simply by using a pre-defined “Evaluation Template”. The Evaluation Template is structured into focus areas with one or more behaviour statements. For example, “Did the employee make sure that he/she understood the customer’s need and asked questions when necessary?” The Evaluation Templates can be configured according to business requirements.

Once completed, each employee can then access their evaluation score and compare their performance against their own historical score, and against their average team score. Likewise, supervisors can view all agents’ scores and evaluation among agents in their team and their team against other teams.

Playlists allows individuals and teams to review their own performance in their own time, and monitor their development over time. At the same time, it allows evaluators to provide direct feedback to agents and teams in training sessions.

QMS also provides a training plan template that can be used during training sessions between the supervisor and the employee. The training plan contains sections such as:

• “What’s good and what should be enhanced?”
• “What needs more training?”
• “How should the training be conducted?”
• “What are the targets until the next training session?”

The Training Plan Template can also be configured for each company.

Finally, “Reports” provide rich analysis of performance by providing dashboards, score charts, behaviour overviews, benchmark radar diagrams and team comparisons. Performance can be measured between agents, groups and teams.

The QMS module enables direct feedback, performance evaluation and benchmarking in an online environment, allowing the development and training of individuals and teams.

Touch QMS equips supervisors with quick agent evaluation and scoring, conversation capturing, enterprise-level reporting and intuitive dashboards. Identify best practices, design effective training sessions, spot service quality irregularities to improve customer experience.


• Ensure high quality customer service to deliver customer satisfaction
• Increase workplace productivity and employee training for quicker time to market
• Get precise information to make well-informed decisions in line with your business goals

Touch QMS offers a structured, cost-effective solution, so what are you waiting for? Contact us to find out more about Touch QMS.

Written on 04 July 2018
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