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Touch Call Recording Service is ISO 27001 certified to ensure the best possible security for your call recordings

ISO 27001 is the accepted global benchmark for the secure storage of information assets, and not only helps to protect our customers against data breaches and loss but also provides a way to meet compliance and enhance the reputation of your organisation.

The growing frequency and sophistication of digital security threats and cyber-attacks mean that it’s essential to ensure your organisation’s security systems and strategies are the strongest they possibly can be.

Research from Accenture[1] based on more than 2000 interviews in seven countries highlights how important protection against such threats has become. The research reports an increase in the average annual number of security breaches of more than 27%, year-on-year, with an average cost of $2.4 million.

Of course, this has repercussions, since it can take up to 50 days (on average) to resolve such attacks. This finding is emphasised by additional data from PurpleSec, which reveals that the most expensive component of a cyber-attack is information loss, which represents 43% of costs[2]. However, security threats can have a far wider impact on an organisation, including:

  • Financial penalties for not meeting compliance rules
  • Reputational damage
  • Penalties for breaking contractual agreements
  • Lost customer confidence
  • Lost customers

But it’s not just your own security systems that need to be assured, it’s also those of your partners and service providers. After all, any security system is only as strong as its weakest link.

ISO 27001 accreditation helps you to meet compliance obligations

That’s why Touch has implemented an ISO 27001-accredited information security system throughout our security, storage, and network. ISO 27001 is the accepted global benchmark for the effective management of information assets and helps our customers to avoid the devastating data breaches and financial losses caused by security breaches.

The standard was designed to ensure that the security controls put in place can protect information in line with regulatory requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act (DPA) in the EU, MiFID and MiFID II in the financial industry, as well as legal, contractual and other international regulatory requirements.

But ISO 27001 offers broader benefits too, including:

  • Reducing the need for repeated customer audits
  • Providing a competitive advantage
  • Retaining existing customers
  • Winning new business
  • Demonstration of compliance
  • Scalability for growth
  • Reducing the risk of cyber attacks
  • Spending less time completing tenders

Enhance your business reputation

It means that because Touch has implemented ISO 27001, your organisation can rest assured not only that your customers’ personal information is safe, but also that your data is being stored securely and safely in line with compliance regulations.

Potential customers are also far more likely to favour an organisation with a demonstrable commitment to information security than one without. The international reputation of accredited ISO 27001 certification means that your customers recognise that our information security meets the highest standards, which in turn instils confidence.

Importantly, ISO 27001 also involves regular reviews and internal audits to ensure continual improvement. Certification remains valid for three years, after which recertification is required. This is part of why ISO 27001 has such an excellent reputation – the requirement for ongoing improvement. In addition, annual assessments are conducted to ensure that our security continues to meet the standards of ISO 27001.

Touch – ensuring the best security practices

At Touch we are wholly committed to ensuring the upmost security practices, that’s why all calls and conversations recorded – regardless of device and communication channel – are securely stored and managed by the Touch Web-Portal.

So, get in touch, to find out how we can ensure optimal security for valuable recorded calls and digital media.


[1] https://www.accenture.com/no-en/insights/security/eighth-annual-cost-cybercrime-study

[2] https://purplesec.us/resources/cyber-security-statistics/

Written on 01 April 2022
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